Lytle ISD

Discusses grants and quotes for large expenditures

By Brianna Paredes
Devine News Intern
At its regular meeting, May 20, the Lytle School Board considered and approved many expenditures and grants covering everything from safety initiatives to architecture on new bond projects.
Quote for Fencing Mesh from Pioneer
The COPS SVPP grant allows for a Fencing Mesh, which according to William Cross is “a mesh stream that applies to our existing chain link because some of our chain link.” Cross stated “this will make it non-scalable, so it will keep our facilities safe.” This will be arranged around the elementary, cafeteria, and the primary. Cross clarifies the purpose of the fencing as to “keep people out” of school grounds, where it can comparably be of use to also “keep students in”. Costs are estimated at $67,759. This motion was passed.
Quote from Flexile Systems
A multi-million dollar SAFE Cycle 1 grant will aide in network infrastructure, allowing for updating UCS servers, virtual servers, and battery backup. Considering it has been around five years since the last installation, conditions call for a replacement at the cost of $289,884.78. At this, Jeremy Davenport moves to approve the quote, Bobby Duty seconds, accepting the quote from…