Little Man

Tucker’s playground took off like a jet airplane in those howling winds Thursday night or whatever night that was. But his daddy was real proud when Tucker saw it and took up a can-do attitude. The little man rolled up his sleeves and said “Well, I’m gonna go out there build a new playground, one that no wind can ever blow over.” Armed with duct tape and lots of determination, he taped a few boards together and moved a few boards here and there. We picked up the slide and set it up on a nearby tree stump, and he was happy.
Daddy and Tuck have a lot of plans about how they will re-construct the two-story playground into something better like a clubhouse later this week, and let me tell you, Tucker’s none too patient about it. Seems like every five minutes he heads outside to duct tape something else together.
We finally rounded up our free range, egg hiding chickens and put them in a makeshift chicken coop a couple nights, but still no eggs are to be found. I sure don’t know where they are laying them, but they must have quite a stash by now. One of the hens really loves us now though. She’s been following me around like a Raptor ever since we started feeding them bonified chicken scratch.
Weather has sure been nice; the kind of weather that begs you to come outside. Kids got to play on the waterslide at the ranch this weekend and I didn’t swim but I got hit by plenty of water balloons.