Idea of using melatonin to treat COVID goes around the world; Dr. Neel’s patients continue doing great here

Monday, April 20, 2020–Exactly one month ago, on March 20, we began reporting on Dr. Richard Neel’s ideas for COVID-19 treatment.

On that day he noted, “I believe doctors need to start using melatonin to treat patients now, today, to save lives,” noting that it has an excellent safety profile, is readily available, and that he believes in melatonin’s ability to treat viruses like COVID so strongly that he was willing to put his name and reputation on the line for it.

Now he has successfully treated at least 10 patients with a combination of high dose melatonin and vitamin c, and the well-respected local doctor, who we all know from the Little Alsace Urgent Care clinic in Castroville, TX, is continuing to get more and more feedback from all over the country and all over the world.

He is starting to treat even more COVID-19 patients as we speak.

We sent last week’s article to News 4 reporters, who in turn featured Dr. Neel on channel 4 this past Friday.

Interestingly, our interviews with Dr. Neel on melatonin and COVID have been read by over 44,600 people on, with at least a few people in all 50 states across the US, as well as many readers across the world…Canada, South Africa, Russia, United Kingdom, Italy, Philippines, Germany, France, Mexico, Australia, Ireland, India, Africa, Pakistan, Fiji and more.

“This week I have been contacted by several doctors all over the country from California to Florida, Toronto, and even a doctor from Brazil,” Dr. Neel said. “They are interested in seeing what melatonin can do for COVID patients and sounds like they are going to start trying it.  The word is definitely out there now, and I can’t wait to hear back from them.”

“All of the patients that I’ve treated for COVID are continuing to do great. Some have completed treatment of the high doses, while most of them are continuing to take a smaller dose at bedtime just to be careful,” Dr. Neel said.

He, himself, treated 3 local patients who had high fevers and severe, worsening cough, and saw great results within 24 hours of beginning the regimen of high doses of melatonin and vitamin C that he recommended to patients.  In addition, he began treating another 7 covid-19 patients very early after testing positive and symptoms never progressed for them, though he notes many people are going to be asymptomatic.

As Dr. Neel stated last week, “It is impossible to tell if any of the more seriously ill patients I treated would have progressed to needing a ventilator, but that is why more study with seriously ill patients is needed now…Most COVID patients are going to recover without needing a ventilator, but lot of them are going to have a really rough course of illness with high fever, body aches, etc….The melatonin will lessen the severity of the illness and I strongly believe will prevent the progression to needing a ventilator or dying.”

On Tuesday, Dr. Neel gave us a short update and said he has already heard back from a Florida doctor who treated a patient using melatonin, and called back to report that she showed great improvement by the next day.

He also just received a phone call from Italy hospital physicians who are interested in doing a study on melatonin’s ability to fight COVID-19.

“As I’ve stated many times, melatonin has an excellent safety profile,” and judging by the fast recovery of his patients, he adds, “If doctors will just try this, they’ll know pretty quick if the melatonin is helping.”

You can contact Dr. Neel at his clinic Little Alsace Urgent Care in Castroville, TX or contact The Devine News  on Facebook if you or another family member is suffering from COVID and want to get a message to him.

Dr. Neel served over 20 years as a Chief Flight Surgeon in the U.S. Air Force before his retirement as a Colonel. He lived in Europe serving in the USAFE (US Air force Europe) for 8 years. For 2 of those 8 years, he served as a personal physician for Ambassadors, General Officers and Senior State Department Personnel.

He was deployed for combat operations in the Middle East and Bosnia. He has over a thousand hours of flying time in jet fighters, bombers and helicopters. He flew more than 25 combat missions during deployments.

His many decorations include an Air Medal for assisting in the helicopter rescue of 32 people from a sinking tanker during a Hurricane that was more than 300 miles off the coast of Ireland. He led emergency response teams for NASA space shuttle emergency landing sites in Spain, Morocco and The Gambia.

On September 11, 2001 he led an Air Force Emergency Team at the Pentagon. For many years he served on a team of  subject matter expert in chemical and biological warfare for the US Pentagon.

He also holds a Master’s in Public Health from Harvard.

By Kayleen Holder