Freshman Warhorses face Crystal City, Pearsall

Now 18-7 for the season, the Freshman Warhorses were 1-1 last week against Crystal City and Pearsall. With only two games left for the season, the Warhorses will play Hondo at home this Friday and on the road against Carrizo Springs on February 18th.
Falling to Carrizo Springs on February 4th, the Warhorses had the Javelinas tied at 15-15 at the end of the first but slowly fell behind to 24-31 at the end of the half. They worked hard in the third to close the gap to 40-41. The Javelinas pulled ahead in the fourth to beat the Warhorses 56-62.
Rylan Mata 2, Noah Macias 2, Caydence Hanson 19, Juan Lopez 7, Juan Billabos 6, Kaiveri Alvarez 8, Joaquin Philippi 10. Q1 15-15, Q2 24-31, Q3 40-41, Q4 56-62. FTP 69%.
Friday night against Pearsall, the Freshman Warhorse turned on the pressure early and lead 16-3 by the end of the first. They increase their lead the rest of the game to win it 58-22.
Mata 2, Macias 9, Hanson 16, Lopez 3, Nick Ortiz 2, Aiden Zapata 5, Jacob Antu 2, Alverez 2, Phillippi 7. Q1 16-3, Q2 29-5, Q3 44-15, Q4 58-22. FTP 31%.
“We went 1-1 on the week dropping a tough road loss to Crystal City 62-56. Defensively we just weren’t tough or aggressive enough to put us in a situation to win a road ball game. We feel if we score in the fifties we should get the win, and we were not able to do that. I love how we bounced back on Friday versus Pearsall in our 58-22 win. We have been emphasizing being a little bit more physical, and I think it showed on both sides of the ball. I love how the team has progressed over the season. We still have a shot a district title so the next game versus Hondo is the most important of the year. We are 18-7.” Coach Quenton Sanders
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer