Donations being collected to help Menley after many hospitalizations

Family and friends are hosting a fundraiser for donations to the family of 42-year-old Cass Menley, who has recently moved back home to Devine after two heart attacks, a bypass surgery, and multiple hospitalizations leading to the diagnosis of another serious condition. Menley is a Devine graduate of the Class of 1992.
“It is such a blessing living in this community and having all the great support. Several weeks ago, I made a post online asking for input about how to get started on doing a plate sale to help cover medical expenses for my daughter,” said Mickie Shulze, of Devine.
“I have helped at many sales and fundraisers over the years but don’t know how to start one from scratch and was looking for advice. I shared the back story – it is long but I tried to keep it short. It all started when my daughter Cass Menley had two heart attacks and bypass surgery,” Schulze said.
“We (her family) dug down and got her moved from Ingleside to Devine. She settled in, seeing doctors in Castroville and San Antonio and found a job as an LVN doing home visits (Nov. 2018 to Jan. 2019.) Her health bounced around that spring and she ended up in the hospital three more times in the next 12 or 13 months. Again, we dug a little deeper as she waited for short term disability to kick in. We helped keep her cobra insurance paid and all the expenses that go with being sick and general living. She always went back to work as soon as she could – this last job was an office job instead of doing home visits due to her weak condition,” Schulze said.
With the virus shutting things down I have not had a paycheck from the school district since Spring Break. My church nursery job kept paying me about $50 a week even though we were not working. My normal spring garage sale plans got blown up when I fell and broke both arms on Easter morning,” Schulze said.

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“In June Cass was having more symptoms. We were fearing another hospital stay and BAM – she was diagnosed with scleroderma. I am still learning about this disease but know the type that she has it affects her heart and lungs. Apparently, she has had it for several years and this was a contributing factor to her heart attacks. With her weakening condition she cannot work anymore,” Schulze said.
“I had to give up my job at the church – there is no social distancing from the babies – at this point a common cold can be bad for her. Our dilemma was her short-term disability would not kick in before we need to make a cobra payment. Once I made my post asking for advice a wonderful group of friends gathered money for us – they called it a “Non-Plate fundraiser.” It was a shock and a blessing – I cried for a few days every time I thought about it. Cass has had good days and bad days since I first posted…She has started an infusion medicine that comes with interesting side effects. Doctors and paperwork have become her new “job.” There have been delays in her short-term disability insurance that she is working through sorting out.”
“Thank you to all the people and organizations that have helped us already. I have had several people ask me about helping lately,” Schulze said.
You can mail donations to Mickie Schulze 905 Dove Ave, Devine TX 78016.
By Kayleen Holder