DMS XC runs at home for the first time

The Colts and Fillys tested out the somewhat new route around the City of Devine Golf Course last Wednesday in their initial home meet of the season. The 8th grade Colts captured first place as a team while the other three squads all came in second place.
7th Colts: 5th-Anthony Saldivar-16:21, 10th-Logan Davis-17:55, 13th-Alfredo Ramirez-18:355, 21st-Samuel Diaz-21:56.
7th Fillys: 4th-Airyanna Rodriguez-17:16, 7th-Kourtni Geyer-18:52, 12th-Julliyn Guajardo-20:42, 15th-Lynn Lawler-21:19, 26th-Maudie Cortez-23:51.
8th Colts: 10th-Jesse House-17:12, 12th-Jaiden Alvarez-18:01, 13th-Hayden Johnson-18:32, 14th-Chris Sanidad-18:33, 16th-Jason Sanidad-19:41, 18th-Diego Mendoza-20:45, 19th-Mason Walker-20:50, 21st-Ace Sosa-23:35.
8th Fillys: 6th-Emiley Mares-20:13, 8th-Catelyn Flores-20:28, 9th-Makayla Breiten-20:43, 10th-Madison Spicer-20:44, 14th-Sadie Quezada-22:09, 17th-Mckyenzie Flores-25:22, 18th-Jisselle Corral-25:46, 20th-Olivia Zapata-26:15, 21st-Samantha Vera-27:25.
Up next
All Devine XC teams compete in Comfort this Saturday. Both 7th grade teams run at 10:15am followed by both 8th grade teams at 11:45am.
By Jerel Beaty
Staff Writer