Divine Savior Lutheran Church “Gift of Hope”: We’re back with a cookbook

Pictured holding the Gift of Hope Cookbooks are (left to right) Ethel Martin, Glenda Allen, Lanell Phelps, Judy Joplin, and Dorothy Danner.

This year “Gift of Hope” was unable to raise funds in order to help with financial needs for individuals and their families. Covid-19 put a slight damper on our efforts.
The members of Divine Savior Lutheran Church came together and published a cookbook of family and friends recipes. We even had Herb Nordymeyer submit his recipe for Rattlesnake Steak. Doug Haas made sure that Joyce’s recipes were not forgotten. Joyce Haas passed away in 2018 due to Gillian Barre Syndrome (GBS).
In 2015 our journey began with Mark Kidd donating the street banner we placed acrossed Hwy 173 downtown. Devine News gave us free advertising to tell our stories and bring our message to the public. Claybourne Boehle of Boehle Signs of Hondo provided us with all the posters and signage during this time. This was the year Jesse Esche was in the need of a kidney. A kidney transplant for Jesse would grant her new extentsion on life so she could watch her young daughter grow up. Our christian community held a Bar-B-Que, Silent Auction, Live Music and an Arts & Crafts Fair that year. The San Antonio Blood and Tissue was on site to receive blood donations. The Devine’s elementary and middle school students through “penny” drives raised $2,000.00 that year . Sadly Jesse passed away the following year.
Our beneficiary in 2016 was Becky Gonzales. Becky, a single mom, had her first stroke at the age of 29. She was left paralyzed on her right side. Prior to this stroke she had suffered a stroke in 2014. Becky is also afflicted with diabetes, which she takes several insulin shots a day for it. This was the year we introduced our Gift of Hope Golf Tournament with our Bar-B-Que for Becky and her family.
In 2017 Cindy Langely, who was afflected with a rare blood disorder called Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Pupura (TTP), became our benficiary. This disease resulted in the amputation of her left hand, as well as several fingers and the thumb on her right hand. From a blood clot caused by the disease Cindy lost 60% of her hearing. We were able to raise funds to help Cindy with a Bar-B-Que, Golf Tournament and a Silent Auction.
Joyce Haas and Claudia Carrberry were our Gift of Hope recepients for 2018. Joyce was diagnosed with Gillian Barre Syndrome (GBS). Sadly Joyce passed away seven months later after the diagnosis. Claudia Carberry had a major stroke in 2018. She now resides in a nursing home in Castorville. Claudia remains paralyzed on her right side.
Our beneficiaries for 2019 were Bryleigh Schullenberger and Karlee Riser. Bryleigh has been diagnosed with Metachromatic Luekodystropy (MLD). This disease is a rare genetic disorder that affects the nerves, muscle contraction, and the internal organs. Most children with this disease die before the age of five. Bryleigh is alive today at the age of 9 but she cannot move and is fed with a feeding tube.
Karlee Riser was born with a similar genetic disease known as Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). SMA is a terminal disease that causes weakness and the wasting of the voluntary muscles in infants, children and adults. At this time there is no cure. Karlee is 5 years old. She is receiving a drug called Spinraza. She receives this drug as an injection in the spine every four months. She will undergo Surgery this coming January to help straighten her spine. The Gift of Hope was able to hold a Golf Tournament, Bar-B-Que and Silent Auction for these precious children.
Our Gift of Hope Cookbook will provide hope for our next recepient or recepients. All proceeds will go towards our future endeavors of helping others. Your donations of $15.00 per cookbook will provide someone in need. These cookbooks make great Christmas gift. The Gift of Hope Cookbooks are available at Bushel and A Peck, located at 516 Teel Drive or call 210-363-2718 to reserve your copy. Cindy Morales, the owner of Bushel and A Peck, was gracious enough to allow us to sell our cookbooks in her store.
The proceeds from the sale of this cookbook will provide a gift to some family or families who are facing a life threatening diease. We have praised our Lord Jesus Christ by serving others in need. We hope you have a Blessed Merry Christmas and please stay safe. We sincerely thank you for your support for the past events and we hope you will continue with your support for our future events.
“A ray of sunshine is always a gift of hope.”
-Jesse Esche