DHS takes the stage March 6 for One Act Play District Meet

Performing are Bailey Kendrick (Mavis Sawyer), Eric Cantu (Skelly Sawyer), Logan Gonzalez (Hugo), Mikaela Johnson (Judith), Jordan Angulo (Stanton), Jon Martin (Mr. Garvey), Isaiah Rejino (Lewis Ledbetter), and Samantha Delgado (Lucy Garvey).

Devine High School will be performing The Phony Physician by Thomas Hischak for the 2020 One Act Play District 29 contest at Medina Valley High School on Friday, March 6th.
It is a farcical play filled with vaudeville-style jokes and based on Molière’s The Doctor in Spite of Himself. Skelly is a lazy woodcutter that refuses to cut down trees. Mavis, his wife, tells two gentlemen who are in search of a doctor, that Skelly is the most talented physician in the area. After some convincing, Skelly travels to the city in order to cure the daughter of their employer, Mr. Garvey. Skelly is a most eccentric doctor, handing out outlandish medical advice. What ensues is a fiasco of epic proportions.
Performances begin at 11am and run back-to-back. Once a show begins, they will not open the doors again until the performance is over. Performance times will vary, so please arrive early.
The only guaranteed start time is for the first show at 11am. (Suggested arrival time to see Devine High School’s performance is between 1pm and 2pm.) Performance order is as follows: Hondo, Pearsall, Crystal City, Devine, Carrizo Springs. Admission is free.
Skelly Sawyer – Eric Cantu
Mavis Sawyer – Bailey Kendrick
Mr.Garvey – Jon Martin
Lucy Garvey – Samantha Delgado
Lewis Ledbetter – Isaiah Rejino
Stanton – Jordan Angulo
Hugo – Logan Gonzalez
Judith – Mikaela Johnson
Alternates: Christian Bracken, Austin Reyes, Paige Williamson
Crew: Gabriella Napier, Ryan Leal, Jacob Hicks, Jonathon Guardiola, Josie Holguin, Abe Taitano, Mia Clark
By Patricia Taitano
Theatre Arts Director
Devine High School