Devine XC rolling with ‘win the day’ motto in 2019

Cross Country tradition entails mottos, slogans, sayings, or whatever else anybody wants to call them. This year’s motto and break out chant is “Win The Day”. Win the Day simply means that all runners, coaches, and managers will do our best every day to be the best we can be at the task currently at hand.
Winning the Day is how we are going to treat our coaches, teachers, administrators, siblings, custodial staff, cafeteria workers, and a stranger on the street. We will show respect for everyone we encounter, and hope that respect is returned.
Winning the Day also means that we will do our best in every classroom, at every practice, at every meet, and on all responsibilities that occur throughout a typical day.
Finally, Winning the Day means all runners are competing their absolute best through each race they run this season. All that is within the runner’s control is what their race-time looks like at the finish line. No one can control what others run, whether it is their own teammate or a runner from another school.
If each individual takes care of “Winning their own Day”, then their personal and team goals at the end of the season will take care of themselves.
By Jerel Beaty
Staff Writer