Devine Team Tennis wins Area championship

Thursday afternoon the Devine Team Tennis traveled to Jourdanton to face Beeville Jones. Beeville beat Freeport Brazosport 10-0 and took 2nd in their district. After 18 matches, Devine won 14-4 to move on to the Regional Quarterfinals. Devine will faced Boerne Tuesday, November 3rd in Somerset. Boerne won their district and beat Pleasanton (10-0) and Needville (19-0) to moved to the Regional Quarterfinals. Hondo is still in the playoffs and faced Calallen on Monday.
Brian Schaefer/Johnathon Gelinas won 6-1, 6-3. Aidan Hildenbrand/Juan Lopez won 6-3,6-3. Victor Schaefer/Lennon Herring lost 5-7,2-6. Brooke Runyan/Karma Herring won 6-0,6-0. Laurel Spannagel/Cameron English won 6-1,6-0. Kelsey Dishman/Jordan Erxleben won 6-1,6-0. Corwin Flores/Kylee Saunders lost 3-6,1-6. Brian Schaefer lost 3-6,6-2,10-12. Johnathon Gelinas won 6-3,6-4. Aidan Hildenbrand lost 2-6,5-7. Juan Lopez won 1-6,7-5,10-4. Victor Schaefer won 6-2,6-0. Brooke Runyan won 6-1,6-2. Laurel Spannagel won 6-3,6-2. Cameron English won 6-0,6-1. Karma Herring won 6-1,6-1. Kelsey Dishman won 6-2,6-1. Danelly Rodriguez won 6-2,6-0. Lennon Herring won 8-7.
Good Luck to the Devine Team Tennis!
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer

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