Devine ISD bond elections divided into 2 propositions

DISD Board of Trustees unanimously voted to call for a $33.2 million bond election for Saturday, May 6, 2023.
The decision was made at a called meeting, Thursday, Feb. 16, 2023.
“It was after much thought and discussion that we decided that this is the best route for the district. Facilities Committee members looked at and considered many things before they made their presentation to the board detailing what they thought were our most important areas, especially those concerning the increase of safety and security,” DISD Board President Mrs. Nancy Pepper said.
Calling for a bond election comes after several months of Facilities Committee meetings to determine the district facility priorities.
“We formed this committee in the fall. We reached out to both our staff and the community so that everyone could have input,” Superintendent Dr. Todd Grandjean said.
Two propositions will be on the ballot. All projects are recommended with the priority given to improving the safety and security of DISD campuses and students.
Proposition A recommends projects at all four campuses and the special education building.
High school projects encompass measures to increase security, which include moving the DHS office downstairs and remodeling the current space into classrooms. Also on the list are a new band hall, and converting the existing band hall into a black-box theater. (A black-box theater is a simple space, typically a square room with black walls and a flat floor that will be used as a classroom for theater classes.)
Recommended projects at the middle school are an expansion of the boys and girls locker rooms, expanding the library, and a repurposing/remodeling of the cafeteria.
At the intermediate school, a secure vestibule (entrance) is recommended to increase safety and security.
Ciavarra Elementary recommended improvements include closing in all outdoor corridors, a new building that will include office space with a secure vestibule, early childhood center, including PreK and special education classrooms, a gym and dining area, and improvements to the drop-off and pick-up areas. The new facility will bring the youngest children much closer to the central campus.
A total of $2.5 million of the bond is allocated to renovating/expanding or building a new special education building. The current space at the facility is too small to accommodate the current number of staff members, meeting rooms, etc.
“After results of the bond election, we will determine the most cost-effective way to proceed with the special ed building,” Dr. Grandjean said.
Bond election regulations require recreation facilities to be separate propositions; therefore, Proposition B recommends the addition of four new tennis courts, doubling what is in existence currently.