Devine Homecoming 2019 a big success for Devine Exes

The DHS Class of 1969 was recognized at the Homecoming football game on Nov. 1, 2019 at Warhorse Stadium in honor of their 50th Class Reunion. In the Front Row are L-R: Virginia Guajardo, Mary Ambriz Castellano, Eddie Centilli, Susan (Sioux) Williams Howard, Melody Tutshke Brown. 2nd Row: Faye Deveney Haass, Pete De La Rosa, Rosie Morales Garcia, Sal Perez, Raul Salinas, Jim Perkins, J.B. Pompa. 3rd Row: Karen Irwin Owens, Janice Kenney Weaver, Cheryl Henry Olsen, John Martin, Richard Irwin, Neva Muennink Saathoff, Benny Navarro, Raul Tijerina, Kenneth Wells. Back Row: Larry Freeman, Bill Halliburton, Brian Polk, J.W. John Rihn, Charlie Schweitzer, Larry Smith.

“It is so good to see you again!” “So glad you came!”“Has it really been that long?”- Devine Exes
The 2019 Devine Homecoming was a great success, especially with the celebration of the 50th Class Reunion of the DHS Class of 1969! Ex-Students & Teachers came from as far as Costa Rica & California to see their classmates at the Friday night football game at Warhorse Stadium and the Homecoming Social hosted by the Devine Ex-Students/Teachers Association (DExSTA) on Saturday.
The DExSTA registration table was a hub of excitement before the game as Devine Exes came through looking for classmates and checking out nametags – since we have all changed, just a little bit, since high school! The smiles and hugs said it all as so many reconnected right there at the stadium where they used to spend so many Friday nights in the stands and on the field! The Class of 1979 was there in full force too and was pretty loud in singing the school song! The “babies of the 70s” were celebrating their 40th Class Reunion! At halftime, the Class of 1969 was on the track to be recognized for their reunion; and they were in high spirits as they left for the after-game gathering at the VFW, where they went to Junior High.
A Devine Exes Homecoming tradition continued on Saturday afternoon (Nov. 2nd) with the gathering of ex-students/teachers, from all years, and guests for the annual social and meeting of the Devine Ex-Students/Teachers Association. It was held at the Devine Student Activity Center and was attended by ex-students as far back as 1947! The fellowship was wonderful, with people reconnecting and reminiscing about their school days together. They also had a chance to enjoy the extensive DExSTA archive of pictures and memorabilia from over 100 years of Devine schools.
All of the Devine Exes in attendance were recognized by their class years; and retiring Devine ISD Superintendent, Scott Sostarich was presented with a Lifetime Membership to the Devine Ex-Students/Teachers Association for his consistent encouragement and enthusiastic support of our alumi organization. Thank you, Mr. Sostarich!
One of the main highlights of the day was the program put on by the Honor Class of 1969! Class Reps, Neva Muennink Saathoff, Cheryl Henry Olsen, Mary Ambriz Castellano, John J.W. Rihn,& Rosie Morales did a wonderful job of gathering their classmates and putting on a great program to celebrate their years together in Devine. During the program Mary talked about things they did, like having a “Sit-In” to protest the mid-year change of principals. Then it was “confession time” of who did this or that, but the burning question that quieted the crowd was: “Who painted the Water Tower?” to continue their protest. Eyes were darting back and forth until a few hands were half-heartedly raised, and a bunch of eyes were looking at the floor!! Then the question of who “squealed on them” came up, but No-One confessed to that one!!
With this Homecoming in the books, we would like to thank our awesome DExSTA board of directors who work during the year to prepare for this special Homecoming weekend. Not only are they hard workers, but they are so much fun to be with and work with! They each have a special heart, love and appreciation for our classmates, teachers, school and community!! Many, many thanks to you all, and we will see you all again next weekend for our Homecoming follow-up meeting: DExSTA board – Sandy Wilkinson Beck ’72, Katie Keilman Shults ’71, John Hunt ’59, Jeff Wisenbaker ’75, Susan Rackley Schott ’72, Stanley Ehlinger ’77, Sharon Crouch Jasik ’67, Karen Howard Muennink ’76 & ex-teacher, Wendy Carr ex-teacher, & Nancy Ehlinger Saathoff ’75 & ex-teacher. And welcoming our newest board member will be, Mary Ambriz Castellano ’69! (We are also wanting board members from the 80s, 90s, 2000s, 20teens too! So, if you are interested, please contact DExSTA President Nancy Saathoff at 210-289-6205 or We are looking forward to the 2020 Homecoming and hope you will join us next year to celebrate the long history of schooldays in Devine with your classmates and teachers!
*Homecoming pictures are posted on the Facebook page for the Devine Ex-Students/Teachers Association.