County now owns old TxDot property

Hally looya the State finally got off of their collective posteriors and sent the paperwork from Austin to Hondo and we now own the old TxDOT property. Move-in has become our main focus lately but, we still address problems that we don’t know about when we get calls for service. Our brand new tractor is back in working condition and we will resume cleaning our right-of-ways in our spare time during the move.
We put our old yard (Rose Hill) up for sale and have already gotten an offer. This will be addressed and probly approved at the next Commissioners Court meeting.
Our Auditor came in with the monthly report and it shows that we (Medina County) are doing 16% better than we were at this time last year….about 1.8 million better and our reserves are at about $12.81 million.
Passed some Resolutions, replatted some lots to make one outta two, renewed some contracts and agreements and other highly interesting stuff before getting into the really interesting stuff.
The Courthouse Annex and Jail Expansion numbers came in higher than the budgeted amount so we took to cuttin out some stuff to get the numbers down to where we wanted them. We went through and cut about $650,000 from the projected cost and will probly employ the option of using some of our reserves. This would keep us from passing a Tax Anticipation Note (TAN) in order to pay for expenses over the Budgeted amount. Why create more debt when you don’t gotta.
I have the spread sheet on the cost of the projects and artists rendering of the buildings if anyone is interested in looking at them.
No rain to speak of and seems like Winter is taking its time. Be nice to enjoy a few days of rain followed by a week long freeze to kill some bugs. According to the law firm of Schott, Hanson and Smith, there’s 4 more days until you can legally put up Christmas decorations. Thanksgiving first..