County getting discount on courthouse tile

We got enough snow and hail to last us a decade or so. The rain was welcome but, we had to take what come with it. We got a little under 7 inches of rain (6.8) during this spell. Got flogged by Mawmaw for not posting my rain gauge pictures. Sorry.
The Bond Election is over. A win for one side and a loss for the other. Kind of a poor showing Countywide with only 6.8% (2,310) of the Registered Voters (33,748) showing up to voice an opinion. But, the 3.9% (1324) that opposed the Bond allowed the other 96.1% to enjoy NOT seeing a tax increase. There were 986 votes cast for the Bond. Thanks to those who braved the weather on Election Day.
Although it appears from preliminary numbers that it failed in each of the other Precincts by a slim margin, Precinct 4 made a good showing…96 voted for it and 377 voted against it.
On the subject of an Event Center, I would not mind sitting on nor would I oppose the formation of a committee that would sit down, examine the options, come up with a plan and present said plan to the voters prior to an Election. According to folks who inquired, there were too many unknowns associated with this effort. I also spoke with numerous people who signed the Petition and voted against it once the Proposition was explained. I still have not seen the Petition that was called “the voice of Medina County”.
We came to an agreement on the floor situation in the Courthouse Annex. Found out that the process of removing the terrazo flooring and replacing it with the originally desired color would create an extended delay in opening and would cost the Contractor between $400,000 – $500,000. After some used car dealing back and forth, it was decided that the County would receive a $140,000 reduction in cost for our $262,000 floor.
Got an update from the contractor that we might be in the building by early July.
We had to have a tunnel dug under the jail to gain access to some sewer lines that needed to be replaced. Judge Schuchart said that since Randy didn’t have any convicts that were able to dig a tunnel for us, we had to pay the $51,000 to a company and have them do it.
We adjusted our fees upwards for Subdivision Regulations regarding Application Fees and approved a few Change Orders for the Courthouse Annex. We also issued a Declaration of Disaster for Medina County for the storm that caused widespread hail and tornado damage along Hwy 90 on April 28.
We also issued a Declaration of Local State of Disaster concerning the ongoing Border crisis resulting in illegal immigrants (and the activities associated with the influx) invading Medina County and overwhelming. Local, State and Federal law enforcement as well as posing a threat to County residents as a result of these activities.
Only 232 days till Christmas. Many thanks to Heather, Kari, Pat and Hank.