County considering purchase of paving equipment

Lotta wind last week. Lumber yard lost a roof in the back of the store, lotta trees down, shingles blown off and a buncha trampolines became airborne and ended up in other places….I only lost half a roof on my storage building. Been a very interesting Spring.
We canvassed the votes and approved a Resolution certifying the results of the Bond Election. Numbers did not change.
We got notice of our $140,000 credit for the Courthouse Annex floor mistake. Looks good to get a credit once in a while instead of an increase. Medina County contributed $1.6 million dollars of Reserve Funds to the two new construction projects.
We went out for bids last year, as we do every year, for materials and services and only received one submission for paving services. With only one source, scheduling and completing paving projects depended on this company’s availability and our schedules did not always match up with his.
We are looking at purchasing our own paving (chip sealing) equipment and training our personnel in its operation. The cost of the equipment is around a million bucks and we anticipate paying for it outta Reserve Funds as well. This is not a reflection on the quality of the service provider…he always did a good job. Only problem was that, with older chip sealing equipment, chips happen and repairs are necessary.
We will have a subdivision coming to life in the near future out CR 777 and a couple south of town along the IH 35 southbound access road that are of a higher quality. These types of improvements will contribute to the County tax base and their presence will not put a strain on the School system. In fact, they will assist in the support of County and School efforts.
Got notice the other day that my grandson, Rooster, has requested (for lack of a better term) submarine duty. He was one of 40 selected and will have to go to a couple years of skooling to learn about this nuclear tube that will be his home for six months at a time. Told him that, being claustrophobic, I’d be AWOL before the ink dried on my orders.
By now, I guess everybody has their Appraisal Notice and have recovered from sticker shock at the increase. I have told all the folks that have called me that they need to send in their protest letters and go present their case to the Appraisal Review Board….I did. I’d like to see them schedule 5,000 Appraisal Reviews. Be sure to have it in by June 11th or you’re outta luck this year. Remember that you are protesting the “appraisal” and not the taxes that increase as a result of the increase in your appraisal.
It is not for us to determine but, it does not seem right for us to mourn the loss of our children. Keep the Adlong family in prayer.