Commissioners Comments

Some of you folks aint concentrating while you’re prayin. We got enough moisture to wet the driveway the other day but, that’s it. Elections are over and if they were as dependable as Domingo Herrera’s old brown truck, we wouldn’t be having issues. There were winners and losers but the best part…no more political ads!!
According to our Elections Administrator, there were no problems with the election process or the count in Medina County. No last minute truckloads of ballots, no dead people voting and folks only voted once.
Seems on our monthly expense report, Pct 4 actually made money! Really, we got a refund and it made our expenses go into the negative column. Looked good though…
Got an update on our Courthouse Annex construction. Seems the building should be ready around April or May 2021. Keith Lutz said that there were about 20.8 miles of wiring in the walls to accommodate all the computers and TV monitors and such. We are projecting overages and remodels for the Annex to be $4.6 million and our available revenues to be $6.1 million..the math comes out in our favor again.
Security measures seemed to dominate the Agenda and with all of them in place, the Courthouse Annex should be a very secure building.
We finally got our trailer in the yard and will be accepting tires for about a month. Please call the office at 665-8015 and make sure someone is there to direct you to the trailer. And please try to limit the load to 10 tires…
Medina County is in need of a local citizen in the Devine/Natalia area to take a position on the Appraisal Board. If you are interested and have the time to make the meetings, let me know and I’ll throw you to the wolves..I mean I’ll let them know.
Only 44 days till Christmas and (according to Murdock) 16 days until you can legally put up Christmas lights….don’t make him show up with his wire cutters.