We spent some time in the high mountains of the North West at the end of September. Coming from a country where we usually see trees and brush of mostly a shade of green or brown, we were taken aback with the vibrance of the changing colors presented before us on a daily basis.
The variety of the shades of yellow were especially on display for most of our travels. It was almost breathtaking to experience entire mountain sides showing off the different types of trees and their response to the change of seasons.
To be sure, we saw some red and orange in a few of the locations. And they were just as astonishing. It sure got me thinking that besides those magnificent mountain ranges with their crevices and peaks, The Good Lord decided to use them as a backdrop for these brilliantly colored trees.
In south Texas cowboy terms, that country up there sure had its Sunday Clothes on. And The Almighty is quite artistic this time of year. We felt blessed to once again experience Fall in the mountains and be reminded of the beauty that can be found there.