Charlie’s II celebrates 35 great years, hopes and plans to re-open in new location

When a door closes, a window opens–and that’s exactly the attitude that the Cupps and Stevens have when it comes to the shocking news the community received this past week. Devine’s beloved Charlie’s II Restaurant will be closing this Saturday, September 7, but they want to reassure all of their special customers that they will re-open in a new location as soon as they can.
Charlie’s II received a letter on Thursday notifying them that the owner is selling the building. While the community is shocked to learn that Charlie’s II will have to close for a short time as they plan to re-locate, everyone was excited to learn that Jerry and Missy (Cupp) Stevens will carry on the tradition of Charlie’s II.

A family business: Charlie’s II owners Rogene and Charlie Cupp are pictured with their family. On right is their daughter Missy Stevens, son-in-law Jerry Stevens, and granddaughter Cassie, and on the left is their son Dan’l and grandson Britten.

“We want all of our employees and customers who are so special to us to know that we are coming back in a new location,” Missy said. “I have always wanted to carry on the tradition of Charlie’s. We have until the end of the month to move, but we will be closing this Saturday so we will have enough time to move out all of our furniture and equipment.”
“We had 35 great years here, and we are looking forward to many more at a new location. I never imagined taking over ownership would be under these circumstances, in such a rush, but we are figuring it out. We are looking at other properties and are considering two or three different options right now,” Missy adds.
“I am grateful that when we re-open I will have the help and expertise of my mom and dad who have put so much hard work into this business. We can’t take the building, but we will always have the heart of Charlie’s wherever we are because our employees and customers are what makes Charlie’s what it is.”
For Lunch this week, Charlie’s will be serving Fried Chicken on Wednesday, King Ranch Chicken on Thursday, and Charlie’s Famous Chicken Fried Steaks on Friday. They will also have the big Catfish Fry Friday night. On Saturday there is no special, but you can order from the menu. They will be open for normal hours, closing at 9 pm Saturday night.
Charlie’s II has been owned and operated by Charlie and Rogene Cupp for 35 years, providing a gathering-place and second home to so many locals who look forward to daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner at Charlie’s….not just because of the great food, but because of the great company.

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Mrs. Rogene Cupp wanted to say “Thank you to all our customers and friends who have become more like family, for the support all these years.”
We will all miss the Cupps, Missy and Jerry, and the friendly staff Felicia, Charlotte, April, Johnnie, Esmeralda, Kristy, Stephanie, Asiah, Abbie, Brooke, Bianna, Hunter, Karm’ren, Maria, Nora, Juan, Joe, Joseph, Amelia, Diana, Christine.
Their famous hot sauce is being canned and will be for sell during business hours, so grab some when you come for lunch.
If you want to help out, they will begin moving out on Sunday at 8 am.
On Monday they will open up and be selling all of their edible dry goods such as crackers, jellies, sodas, paper goods and more. They will also be selling some seasonal holiday decor if you want to come visit with the Cupps and Stevens and take home a little piece of Charlie’s II.
“We have always enjoyed Charlie’s,” said Mrs. Bobbie DuBose. “The owners and staff are all wonderful friends and I can hardly wait for them to re-open in a new location. I love to go to Charlie’s II and see so many of my former students, and reminisce with them as well as many good friends and family. My husband was always part of the famous ‘table of knowledge’–the breakfast bunch of men in the morning. Lately, since I haven’t been getting around as fast, I will call in my order and a waitress will bring it out to me. You can’t beat wonderful people like that.”
Lewis Stroud states, “They give so much back to the community. They are always willing to help someone in need or any organization…they are always helping someone. And they’ve always had real good, consistent food. It’s been there over 30 years, and I remember them even farther back than that when they were located just down the road and called Good Time Charlie’s. Charlie’s II is an institution in Devine…good food, good people, good friends, a great place to socialize and shoot the bull….a friendly atmosphere.”

We caught Steven, Heather, future fireman Micah Schultz, and sister Selah Horton dining at Charlie’s II and having sweet tea. “That’s our favorite thing about Charlie’s II, the sweet tea and the great people,” they said.

Stroud is also part of the Charlie’s ‘table of knowledge,’ and will be one of many missing Charlie’s while they are busy setting up their new location.
“I usually go in early in the morning. They have a 6 o’clock crew, a 7’o clock crew, and an 8 o’clock crew,” Stroud says laughing. “Anytime you need an opinion the breakfast crew will give it to you!”
Over a hundred loyal customers have commented online, reminiscing about all the reasons we love it, a testament to how much Charlie’s II means to this community.
“Charlie’s is our hometown hangout! You walk in and everyone drops their forks, not to be nosey, but because it’s where you can run into anyone and everyone! People you saw yesterday or people you saw 10 years ago!”
“Charlie’s is a “cultural icon” in our family and other close friends that have been coming to Devine for over 30 years during deer season. They know my son’s special order when he walks through the door!”