8th Grade Colts sweep Bandera

The 8th Grade Colts swept Bandera on Oct. 4
B Team Colts
The 8th Grade B Team Colts beat the Bulldogs 6-0.
In the 2nd quarter, Iggy Cisneros had a 37 yd run to score the first touchdown but Angel Espinosa was stopped short on the 2 pt conversion.  This put the Colts up 6-0.
“Iggy Cisneros scored the lone touchdown in the 1st half to give the colts the win. We moved the ball very well with some great passes from Robert Russell. He was able to find Hadyn Brummage and Charles Waddey multiple times throughout the game. This is what opened up the running game. Wayne Sloan had a great 15 yd run in the 4th quarter that almost broke for a touchdown,” state Coach Lon Cozby.
“Our Defense had a goal line stand to keep Bandera out of the end zone. Jacob Delaney, Rudy Rodriguez and Christian Rendon played tough up front along with linebacker Brummage. Terry Cristanelli had his best game with multiple solo tackles,” added Coach Cozby.
A Team Colts
The 8th Grade A Team Colts beat the  Bulldogs 14-6.
In the 1st quarter Brady Hackebeil had a 70 yd run, out running the entire defense, however Xavier Contreras 2 pt attempt no good putting the Colts up 6-0.
In the 2nd quarter, after a pass interference call, and on the last play of the half, Payton Carr caught a 30 yd pass from Hackebeil, and Hackebeil added the 2 pt attempt making the score 14-0.
In the 3rd quarter Bandera put together a nice drive to start the 2nd half and was able to score on a run up the middle. We were able to stop the 2 pt try with a gang tackle from Zack Rico, Robert Rosas, and Zack Nowicki.
The rest of the game was back and forth.
“Bandera was a good team, the best we played all year. We were able to put the game away when Brady picked up a 1st down with under two minutes to play on a 4th down quarterback keep. We then ran out the clock for the victory,” stated Coach Lon Cozby.

7th grade Colts split games with Bandera

The 7th grade Colts took on the Bandera Bulldogs on Oct. 4
B Team Colts
The 7th Grade B Team Colts lost to the Bulldogs 16-0.
“This was the first game of the season for some of these guys to play.  They are still learning their positions. Bandera had a pretty good quarterback who was hard to tackle. He was able to break away for the touchdowns and their fullback added both 2 point conversions,” stated Coach Lon Cozby.
“Jack Schneider had a couple of good catches and Lokey Aguero and Rylan Mata ran the ball good for us. Jonathan Gelinas stepped in at quarterback in the 4th quarter and gave us a spark. We found some good things to build on in this game and are looking forward to starting district on the right foot,” added Coach Cozby.
A Team Colts
The 7th Grade A Team Colts beat the Bulldogs 38-0.
Again the offense played very well, but the defense was the true stand out.  Blaine Davis was a boss on the field on both sides of the ball. Aiden Zapata help control the defensive line of scrimmage. Noah Fernandez came in, and played the corner back position very well.
Scoring for the Colts were Burford with a 10yd TD run, M. Rodriguez with a TD reception, M. Rodriguez with a TD run, Burford with a TD run, and M. Rodriguez with a TD run.
“It’s easy to focus on the all the points we have been scoring, but our defense has shut out three straight opponents, and that is a major accomplishment. Our boys should be very proud of that stat more than any touchdowns we have scored. We are all pumped to start district at home against Lytle,” stated Coach Quenton Sanders.