CARNIVORE returns for its 11th season

Devine native Gary Roberson is the host of CARNIVORE, now airing its 11th season.

I’ve heard it said that “time flies when you are having fun”; I guess that saying is true because I can’t believe that it has been eleven years since we began airing CARNIVORE on the PURSUIT CHANNEL. When we started CARNIVORE, my goal was to produce a classy, cinematic predator hunting show about the interesting people that are hunters and obscure and beautiful places we hunt around the country.
“If it ain’t broke, then don’t fix it” is another one of my favorite sayings and is definitely true when it comes to the CARNIVORE team. Three-time Emmy Award winning Brian Hawkins has been our producer and my youngest son, Steve has been our field producer since day one. Over the last ten years, CARNIVORE has been the most watched show on the PURSUIT CHANNEL. I strongly feel that the footage that we captured for this season is the best ever.
I hope that you will join us as we put you up close and personal with a beautiful South Texas bobcat, Panhandle or New Mexico coyote, Navajo mountain lion or ride along as a Texas State Cheerleader takes her first black bear.
CARNIVORE would not be possible without the support of our great sponsors, Ruger Firearms, Hornady Ammunition, Trijicon Optics, Burnham Brothers, TRHP Outdoors and Roberson Land Company.