Are you sleeping?

My husband was sitting in the recliner trying to take a nap when Tucker bombarded him with a flood of questions. Daddy growled at him and told Tucker that he was trying to sleep. So, Tucker politely tip toed closer and put his face right in front of daddy’s and started whispering his questions, and more. Questions like, “Daddy, what are you doing? Where’s my drink? Are you sleeping?”
It was the funniest thing.
Tucker was really surprised and got his feelings hurt when his polite whispering of his questions didn’t work. Sort of like the kid who plays hide and seek by covering up their own face. He just can’t understand some things.
Big sister made a remark, wondering how Tucker has so much energy. I replied, “Well, he falls asleep within 10 minutes of turning off the lights. I don’t know how, but babies do that.”
I went on to reason that Tucker’s biggest worry is where he left his drink. There are no bills, or homework, or such things on his mind. I imagine that being carefree has something to do with how fast you fall asleep.
Even knowing that, I just don’t understand how to let it all go when you lay your head on the pillow. I guess me and Tucker both have a little to learn from each other. Think he will teach me?