All three Brown Dodge employees test negative for COVID-19

Robert Brown, owner of Brown Dodge-Chrysler-Jeep-Ram in Devine sent the following press release regarding the matter.

“The Brown family of dealerships, are grateful to have been your neighbor and friend for over 50 years, and we are making every effort to protect and strengthen that relationship, especially in these uncertain times. Recently, we were visited by a customer who was later diagnosed to have had the Covid-19 virus. Prior to that visit we had adopted and followed all the safety and clean environment protocols suggested by the Center for Disease Control and the Texas Automobile Dealers Association. ”

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“Our industry has been designated as “essential”, suggesting that it is important that we remain open to fill the transportation needs of individuals and businesses alike. Many of these businesses are food, fuel, medical delivery professionals, and other first responders.”

“Being open to the public, also makes it quite difficult for businesses such as ours to know who is a carrier of the virus, and who isn’t. When alerted of our customer’s being tested for the Covid-19 infection days later, our store management took additional measures to insure that as safe an environment as possible could be provided for our customers and employees alike. We allowed our staff to work from home, or take immediate vacation time, without having to fear losing their jobs.”

“As a precaution, three of our employees were tested for the virus. Thankfully, all three have been found to not have the Covid-19 virus. Brown Dodge-Chrysler-Jeep-Ram is thankful for the many kind words and prayers for our staff and our visitors that were affected by this unfortunate occurrence. We realize now, more than ever before, the strength and goodness of our Devine and Medina County community, and we are proud to be here to continue to serve you in whatever way we can.”

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