A perfect day

We had a very nice Saturday at the ranch with my kiddos, cousin Audrey, and grandpa and grandma. As I sat on the porch swing with my little niece and a puppy, the breeze was blowing, and it felt just like the perfect day.
I looked down at Audrey as we were swinging and said, “What a beautiful day. Nice breeze, pretty sunshine, cousins…” and before I could say anything else, she chimed in loud and clear, “And a puppy!”
So there you go, I guess that’s the recipe for a perfect day
We ran and ran around grandma’s house a thousand times in games of hide and go seek. We sat in grandma’s little pretend Frio River (which we built with a load of rocks in a stream coming from the water well faucet). We built rock castles. We floated their boats down the stream. We bar-be-qued.
And as the day was winding down, we even got a surprise visit from a one-armed crawdad, who came meandering up from the fishing pond. That really put a thrill and a shrill in Tucker and Audrey. Uncle Sherman and Hannah walked up right around then, and he showed them how to handle Mr. One Armed Crawdad. After lots of careful inspection and some high-pitched shrieking, Audrey and Tucker got the fish net and relocated Mr. Crawdad many, many times in the bucket, under the bucket, in the stream, out of the stream. He eventually made it back to the muddy shore of the pond, but I’ll bet he was plenty dizzy.
It was a perfect day, but not a perfect day to be a crawdad!