2,728 protest property appraisals

From June 28 to July 10, the south side of the Black Creek metroplex got right at 9.8 inches of rain. Some got less and some got more. Either way, its been a long time since we had a July like this. So far, we got 23 inches this year.
Was told that there were 2,728 people file to protest their property Appraisals. Short of the 5,000 figure that I was hoping for. Anyhow, I went to my appointment and told the Appraisal Review Board that the $20,000 budgeted to pay them weren’t enough to have to sit and listen to complaints all day. We agreed on this point.
Unless you have a handful of real estate investments that you can liquidate in today’s market, this increase in Appraisals and taxes aint no help at all. Was asked several times by folks “wouldn’t you like to sell it for its appraised value?”. NO, I am gonna die where I live and selling is not an option. My kids are gonna have to mow the grass and paint the fence and trim the trees and kill gophers and fire ants after we’re gone.
As a result, I did get a little consolation. Taxes went up but, ONLY $152. What a relief (sarcasm)! I have written our State Representative (Andrew Murr) and our State Senator (Roland Gutierrez). Probly won’t hear back from them until Election time. Probly won’t hear from Gutierrez at all because he is a Democrat and he won’t seek Republican help. Not enough room to list my concerns with Murr.
Seems, and I’ve said this before, that the State is shirking its responsibility of funding the School System by requiring Appraisal increases on a regular basis so that school taxes will increase and the funding will come from local residents instead of Austin or, as Henry Briscoe used to call it, Babylon on the Brazos.
Don’t take much effort to write a letter. School board members and City Council members SHOULD write and mention their dislike for the unfunded mandates that are constantly forced on us as well.
We (Medina County) are still in the Budget process and we have not got to the part where tax rates are considered. Looking forward to that. Maybe folks oughta attend School Board and Council meetings and seek some kind of tax relief. After all, our tax base has grown “asternomically” in the past year or two.
Moving into the new Courthouse Annex has been pushed back again due to some weather damage to the new roof. Eventually, we will get moved in.
Other than that, not a lot to write about. Lotta vacating and re-platting and contract approving in Court last week. We will be getting into Redistricting soon and will be changing the Precinct lines. That’s always a lotta fun. Finally got a weather break and are working on our paving project.
Only 164 days till Christmas! One year, five months and sixteen days till the other…right Judge?