Smuggling attempt ends with one man dead, rumors spread like wildfire amidst search

Last week Medina County Sheriff’s Department received a tip regarding a truck full of illegal immigrants and attempted to stop the truck on FM 2200 near the airport. The pursuit continued to CR 5710 and CR 6610 area, past Calame Store just outside Devine. Two passengers were captured, while the smuggler driving and two other passengers got away. Sadly, another passenger passed away from injuries.
“The suspect (smuggler) drove through several fences. When the vehicle finally came to a stop, people bailed out and began running. Deputies then observed a male passenger deceased inside the bed of the truck. The vehicle had gone through several barbwire fences,” said Sheriff Randy Brown.
Authorities and a DPS helicopter continued searching the area for the driver and other passengers for hours.
Meanwhile, many rumors circulated social media about supposed shootings and break-ins, none of which occurred.
“It’s amazing the way things get twisted around,” Sheriff Brown clarified. “There was no shooting and no burglary in this case.”
The pursuits, chases and bailouts have become an everyday thing here in Medina County, claiming valuable time and resources of law enforcement that is simply overwhelmed.
“These smugglers have no regard for human life,” Sheriff Randy Brown said. “They are getting somewhere around $1500 a head, and that’s all they care about. The driver of that truck deserves to be charged with Manslaughter.”

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