No property crimes

Lytle PD officers handled 56 calls for service this past week and conducted 67 traffic stops. Of those traffic stops, 50 resulted in citations and 17 were either verbal or written warnings.
We had zero (0) property crimes reported last week! That sounds good I guess, but it sure does make for a boring weekly report. Maybe those crooks have spread the word about committing a crime in Lytle. No, they might not be afraid that we will catch them. They just don’t want me to write up their activities and cause their other crook friends to make fun of them.
We had three arrests this last week. Two were people involved in an assault at H.E.B. a couple of months back; we worked up their warrants and coordinated a convenient time for them to turn themselves in. This way it didn’t interfere with their work or school schedules. The other arrest was by Capt. Reyes. He responded to a domestic disturbance on First St. A male subject was arrested for making a terroristic threat to a family member, he was booked into the Hondo Hilton (Medina Co. Jail).
The big football rivalry game has come and gone, Natalia came out on top this year. I remember the years when it wasn’t such a nice event and the nights leading up to it and the game night sometimes led to problems. Those days appear to be gone, thank God. Now it’s just a good, old fashioned clean rivalry.
We are closing in on our annual National Night Out Event. Tuesday, Oct. 1st is the big night. If you represent a business or organization and want to set up a table in the community center then contact me. If your business wants to donate a gift card/door prize for drawings throughout the night then we will be glad to accept those. Our petition friend, Mayor Pro-Tem Ruben Gonzalez, will also be set up collecting signatures from registered voters that are residents of the city. He’s still working to get enough signatures so we can have an election that, if passed, would allow mixed drinks to be served in restaurants. I think it would be on the ballot in May if all goes well. The Lytle VFW will be cooking up some hotdogs and I am going to try really hard not to run out like we did last year. Everyone is welcome, you might not like the police dept., the fire dept. or the EMS but everyone likes a free hotdog.