Lytle ISD Town Hall meeting addresses parent concerns about school year

Lytle ISD administration hosted a virtual Town Hall meeting last Tuesday, August 11 to answer parent questions regarding both remote and in-person learning for the upcoming school year. Below are some of the questions and answers from that meeting.
Parent choice in instruction
At any point can we change our decision from online to in-person learning or vice versa?
Parents may request a return to in-person instruction from remote instruction at the end of a 9 week grading period, with the switch happening at the start of the next 9-week grading period.
If we choose face to face and then feel it’s not for our child, can we change instruction?
Yes, you can change from in-person to remote instruction at any time. We will honor that request.
Remote learning
Will students only be taught by their teacher or will there be videos of instruction by other teachers in their grade level?
Primary – Yes, in addition to videos provided by your student’s teacher, other grade level teachers will instruct using video. Junior High and High School – Students will be taught by their teacher of record for the class.
How is the teacher going to have time to devote to the kids in the class and prepare the online teaching?
We are providing teachers with training and time to develop their remote and in-person lesson plans to maximize their ability to provide a quality education for all students. Then we are providing the 8 days remote only instruction so they can implement those lesson plans. No one in education was prepared during their college careers for this type of environment. Educators are at a place in time where they will have to use their professional expertise to make decisions they feel are best for students. The Leadership Team is confident our teachers at Lytle will do everything they can to provide a quality education for all students. We will also be counting on the parents to co-teach their children if they choose remote instruction.
For remote learning this year will students only be taught by their teacher?
It depends on the campus as to which teachers will provide instruction in-person, remote only, or both. An example to consider is the Junior High, since they might only have one 7th grade science teacher, in which case, that teacher might need to provide both in-person and remote instruction. Many of these determinations must be made once we have the numbers from parents who want remote instruction for their students. Primary – No, some lessons will be recorded by other grade level teachers HS-Yes, students will be taught remotely by their teacher. Students will have 8 different teachers throughout remote instruction.

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Student safety
Will each student’s desk have plexiglass?
Yes. The district is ordering plexiglass desk shields for students and adults.
If in the classroom students are seated six feet apart will they be required to wear a mask?
Primary and Elementary – Depending on the number of students in-person, students will be told when/if they will be able to remove their masks. If distance is within safety guidelines and will remain safe, masks may be removed for temporary time periods. Junior High and High School – Students will be required to wear a mask or shield, or both, for the entirety of the day. The only exception is when they are eating or seated in a space where they are by themselves.
Athletics and extracurricular activities
What sports, clubs, and other extracurricular activities will be available during this pandemic?
All sports are being offered by Lytle Athletics as long as the guidelines and UIL does not change and says we have to pause. Junior High athletic practices will not begin until face-to-face instruction begins for Lytle LISD students, September 8, 2020. At that time, Junior High practices will start along with the seasons. Each season may be shorter with reduced capacity in the stands for spectators. Students may participate in Athletics whether they choose remote or in-person instruction. Transportation will be your responsibility for practices. Clubs and other extracurricular activities at all campuses will be communicated by the teacher sponsors and all students will have opportunities to participate in-person and remotely. For participation in events/activities/practices in-person, transportation to and from the school club activity is the responsibility of the parent.
For those students doing remote learning and playing sports, will they need to attend normal athletic period and practice times?
Yes. They must report to the athletic period and practice then they return home.
For more information, watch the Town Hall video archived on Lytle ISD’s YouTube channel, or read the Parent Q&A.
By Marly Davis
Staff Writer