Lytle declares Stage 1 water restrictions

Stage 1 water restrictions are now in effect for Lytle water customers.

We are asking our customers to cut back water usage by 20 percent. Also, be advised that you may only water one day per week with spray irrigation between 11 am and after 7 pm. Watering on weekends is not allowed unless it is being done by hand.

Daily watering is determined by the last digit of your street address. These are the designated watering days as per the last digit of your address: 0 or 1 – Monday; 2 or 3 – Tuesday; 4 or 5 – Wednesday; 6 or 7 – Thursday; and 8 or 9 – Friday.

The Edwards Aquifer Authority declared Stage 1 on Friday after the ten-day rolling average level of the Edwards Aquifer dropped below 660 feet on Thursday morning.

The Aquifer level had not gotten this low since September of 2018.

The purpose for these mandatory reductions is to try and stabilize water levels and springflow until we get some rainfall to replenish the Aquifer.

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