Folks raisin’ chickens elevated to celebrity status

Very little rain Friday night. More expected but, only time will tell….weather people just guess. Dang June bugs are three months early and overly abundant.

Our Annual Audit was presented via teleconference. Guess this is the norm nowadays. Seems we (County Judge and Commissioners) are doing something right. Experts suggest 3 months of operating expenses in reserve funds…we got 6 1/2. Lot of the credit goes to Department heads too…

Hasn’t happened yet but, discussions are being had on whether or not to use some of these reserve funds on our construction projects or borrow the funds. I ain’t big on borrowing money if we don’t have to but, times may dictate this. Time to bring up dropping the tax rate as mentioned several years ago when the rate was raised.

The Elections scheduled for May 2nd and May 26th have been postponed until July 14th, unless the situation drastically improves and a decision is made to have them earlier.

Saw the best come out in a few folks first hand this past week…and the worst. Aint mentioning names but all you folks that get kidded about raisin chickens are suddenly elevated to celebrity status. Those who hoarding materials are not helping the situation and I’ll hold my thoughts on you cause the paper probly won’t print my opinion.

Had a Coranavirus incident, that will probly be in this edition, involving a local business. Let’s hope the employee(s) involved did not take this crap home and infect their families (specially grandma and grandpa). Drew the ire of a lot of locals but, I’ll hold my opinion on this as well.

That being said…folks, this crap is real and should be treated as such. There are no rules on who this affects and all those youngsters that believe that they are immune or bullet proof need to think again. Practice the suggested methods of prevention.

We (Precinct 4) still show up for work and go about our regular activities. The guys don’t deal with the public one-on-one and are told to stay home if they feel the least bit sick. They have families and are mature enough to practice safe interaction with people outside the workplace. When Judge Schuchart pulls the trigger, we’ll take the appropriate actions.

Only good news I got is that Sandy aint killed me yet, she still lets me eat at the table and come inside the house. The Arche kids (Kendall, Kelsey and Korynn) have adjusted to the isolation but went through the yelling and bickering associated with sibling demeanor with little bloodshed and have become friends again…..I think.

Stay safe…