Fire erupts in children’s room; donation drive ongoing

While the Hernandez family suffered a total loss of their home and belongings, they are thanking God that everyone is okay after a fire erupted early this morning in the children’s bedroom.

It happened around 4:30am at their home off FM 3175 on Duck Pond Rd in Lytle.

A donation drive is ongoing to get the family set up with clothing, shoes and furniture (see end of article for info).

Mother Veronica Hernandez told The Devine News, “There was an electrical shortage where our a/c window unit was plugged in, and it caused a fire. My children’s clothing was in that area that quickly got engulfed and the fire grew rapidly. It started in my kids room.”

The family has 2 girls aged 4 and 7 and a son age 5.

“They yelled out to us, and I saw their room with flames. My husband’s first reaction was to get us all out safely, and our pet, and thank God,” Mrs. Hernandez said.

She said her husband, Enrique, fought the fire as. best he could using a water hose until the fire dpt could get there.

“The fire burned one part of the home completely, and the other part is completely heat and smoke damaged but a total loss,” Mrs Hernandez said. “We lost all our belongings.”

Many have requested clothing sizes so the community can help out, and you can find them here:

“My daughter Sarahí who is 7 wears 10/12 in clothing and shoes 2/3, my son Isaac who is 5 wears 8/10 in clothing and 1/2 in shoes, my little girl Irma who is 4 wears 6/7 in clothing and 11/12 shoes, my husband Enrique wears pants 34×32, shirt size large and shoe size 10, and I am Veronica Hernandez, I wear size XL, pant size 18/20 and shoes 8.”

Donations can be dropped off in Lytle at Nutrition on Main in Lytle right now.

On Monday and Tuesday, donations will be accepted at Devine News as well.