May 17
7:44AM – Officer dispatched to Covey Lane for mother and son verbal disturbance.
11:39AM – Officer dispatched to Bright Dr N for verbal disturbance between 2 males and a female. Male left female and female went to Foodmart and will call someone to pick her up.

15:15PM – Officer dispatched to IH 35 S for theft of merchandise valued at $42. Items were recovered.
19:12PM – Officer dispatched to Hall Dr for burglary of a vehicle. Complainant believes that an unknown person entered vehicle while he was picking up child. Several items missing. Complainant stated was out of his vehicle for a few seconds. Stolen firearm from an unlocked vehicle.
May 18
2:40AM – Complainant on Jefferson Dr stated ex was chasing her. Unable to locate.
10:40AM – Complainant on Transportation Dr complained about orange Mustang driving by. Unable to locate.
11:12AM – Complainant on Howell Ave called in reference to a theft of a chainsaw that occurred on 5/16 at about 0002 hours.
14:38PM – Complainant on Libold Dr called in reference to a gray Tacoma with out of state license plates possibly with an intoxicated driver. Unable to locate.
15:20PM – Officer initiated stop on IH 35 mm 123. Driver was DWLI-S.
May 19
1:10AM – Assisted MCSO on IH 35 N with wrong way driver. Stood by with driver until family member came to pick up so MCSO could go to another call.
1:27AM – Officer dispatched to Rossville Rd for verbal disturbance between family. All okay.
4:51AM – Assisted MCSO on Sayers Dr – female in county called advising her 76 year old husband left house possibly headed to church because he thinks it’s a food bank day. Made location and located subject; had wife talk to him over phone. All okay and subject returned home.
11:11AM – Officer dispatched to SH 173 for a minor accident.
22:35PM – Officer dispatched to Moore Ave for 3rd party call for physical disturbance between male and female. Upon arrival both parties advised verbal only. Male agreed to leave for a couple of hours until female got a ride for her son.
May 20
5:44AM – Complainant on Teel Dr called in reference to male subject burning. Upon arrival only thing burning was a kerosene lamp. No citation issued.
15:44PM – Officer dispatched to Cardinal Dr for a minor accident.
18:07PM – Officer dispatched to IH 35 S for a minor accident.
20:06PM – Officer dispatched to Thompson Ave for a verbal argument between male caller and girlfriend. Parties separated.
May 21
3:19AM – Officer assisted MCSO – alarm coming from service area of business on CR 773. No deputies in area. Keyholder made location and all okay.
22:40PM – Complainant on Moore Ave stated someone wearing camouflage shirt and pants was in his tree and took off when they were noticed. Searched area but unable to locate.
May 22
1:35AM – Assisted MCSO on IH 35 S with stolen pickup out of Austin that was stopped and recovered by MCSO.
2:00AM – Officer dispatched to Hondo Ave for minor accident.
13:17PM – Caller on Hondo Ave E advised they struck pole at gas pumps.
14:35PM – Assisted MCSO with bail out on Herrings Ave. Driver was detained, two others on foot. Unable to locate.
May 23
2:50AM – Complainant on Steven St advised male wearing black standing in front of house. Unable to locate.
7:26AM – Officer dispatched to Hondo Ave for minor accident.
8:05AM – Officer dispatched to IH 35 S for theft <$100. Subject cited and released.
13:16PM – Officer dispatched to IH 35 S for theft $100-$750. Subject arrested.
14:20PM – Complainant on Davis Ave called in reference to a male subject knocking on doors again. EMS was dispatched to Davis Ave. Male was complaining of pain – EMS transported to Medina Regional Hospital. Officer attempted to make contact with wife but unable.
22:38PM – Complainant on Colonial Pkwy called in reference to female and male packing and tacking belongings from storage unit. All okay.