“Old Fashion” Beer Run

It’s that time again; the weeks just keep flying by. Here is what went on in the 7-day period that ended on Sunday, June 5th: Officers managed 48 calls for service, it was nice to have a little slowdown. Officers conducted 93 traffic stops of those stops 69 citations were issued and 24 warnings were given. It looks like since officers had fewer calls to manage, they had more time to focus on traffic enforcement. It works out that way sometimes.
There was only one person arrested last week. A 24-year-old female was booked into the Atascosa Co. Jail on a charge of Assault Causing Bodily Injury to a Family Member.
There were four property crimes reported last week: #1 – $900 worth of baseball equipment was taken from an unlocked vehicle on Wisdom Rd. #2 – The back door to an abandoned farmhouse on FM 2790 was kicked in, nothing appeared missing. #3 – A suspect took off with 2 12-packs of beer from the Dollar General. That’s a good “old-fashioned” beer run; it’s nice to see some things don’t change. #4 – H.E.B. Plus reported that a man walked out of the store with a basket full of stuff valued at approx. $200. If we catch that dude, I want to talk to him. I would love to figure out how he can fill a whole basket and it only is $200.
It was not too bad of a week. We are looking at a long, sweltering summer; maybe our crooks will take a sabbatical until it cools down.
Don’t forget the 4th of July Fireworks at John Lott Park. The event is shaping up nicely, you can stop by for the show at dark or show up a little early, enjoy food trucks, and live entertainment.
Last week, on Tuesday and Wednesday, I attended the Texas Div. of Emergency Management annual conference in San Antonio. I guess the last one was in 2019, thanks to COVID. Mayor Gonzalez, Matt Dear and Ofc. David Lopez also attended. We attended seminars, met with vendors, and made professional connections. We also got free pencils and little bottles of hand sanitizer. Keeping the city prepared for emergencies, both man-made and natural, is no easy task. We are constantly trying to improve and enhance our preparation, response, and recovery abilities.
I then took a couple of days of leave and headed out with the family to visit my wife’s sister and her family in Livingston, TX. We attended a homeschool conference in the Woodlands. We attended seminars, met with vendors, and made connections. We also got free pencils and little bottles of hand sanitizer.
So, one conference to help me with my job in the city and then one to help me in my role as a father. With both having 20 oz. bottled soft drinks for $4.50.

Losing lottery tickets and big dreams

Well around midnight before the Memorial Day holiday I realized my fridge was giving out. Of course we had just gone grocery shopping and had a fridge full of spoiling food. I also knew it would be very hard to find anyone to come on Memorial Day. To make matters worse, our back-up fridge from the 1950’s had quit working a few days prior. It was one of those “UGH” moments. So frustrating. And yet, in light of recent events and real tragedies, I quickly reminded myself-while this little ordeal may cost us a pretty penny–they are just refrigerators.
Thankfully we did find a super nice friend of a friend handyman who came to our rescue, and at least one of our fridges is back in operation on this beautiful, hot day.
We had a fun day Saturday, swimming with cousins, and then all the teenagers had a sleepover. God bless the parent who had to listen to all those shrieks and screams all night, I’m sure. But I’m sure it was worth every shriek. Sleepovers with your cousins is a special time.
I won’t forget the many long nights I spent lying in dark, cracking up, over and over again about the silliest things with my cousin Cindy, my partner in crime. Or the many silly things we did. We would often make “coupons” to try to manipulate her mom into letting us have sleepovers and other things. I can’t remember exactly how that system worked, but I remember being very passionate about it.  For several months or years we even published a “Family News”, where we recounted what little cousin was learning to crawl or whatever funny story a relative told us, as well as all of our dad’s favorite jokes.  We made the Family News in Grandpa Calame’s office on Sundays. That was serious business.
One day, Cindy’s daddy (Uncle Richard) got a wild hare and let us paint murals all over their white bedroom wall. He never got around to finishing painting it I guess, so he figured he’d let us do the job. Boy, were we thrilled! Soon their bedroom wall was filled with horses and houses and rainbows and God knows what else. It was colorful, that’s for sure.
Then there was a time where we found an old cassette tape buried in a dirt pile next door (while we trespassed in our boy cousin’s backyard. They were boys, so they were enemies. The dweeb boys had used that cassette tape to record “all of their most important secrets that they didn’t want anyone to know”. It was a gold mine for two knieving cousins in that boys versus girls age.
And then, since Cindy lived right next to the old country convenience store back then, there were the times that we would sneak over to the store and snatch all the lottery tickets that people dropped on the ground. Many of them would only half-scratch them, and those were our favorites. We just knew some dummy would drop a winning Weekly Grand. Never panned out, but I will say we probably had more fun scratching and searching through those used lottery tickets with a hope and dream of winning, than we ever could have with the real money. Yep those were memories I won’t ever forget.
Still, to this day, if I am walking through a parking lot and see a lottery ticket on the ground, I am compelled to pick it up and double check it. I am not too disappointed when I don’t win though, because, hey, if I do win, most likely I’ll just have to use it to buy new refrigerators or something like that! It’s definitely more fun to dream!

Good Police Work

Lytle PD ended last week with 64 calls for service and 41 traffic stops (33 citations and 8 warnings).
Officers made 6 arrests last week. The majority were just cited and released. There were 3 for drug paraphernalia and 1 for possession of tobacco by someone under 21. A suspect was arrested on a misdemeanor warrant out of Bexar Co., but he had a medical condition, and he was taken to the hospital and released so he could receive care. We will have to catch him again another day. Sgt. Hanson made a great arrest last week …. he caught a car burglar in action at the Best Western. It was 4:33 AM and he found a guy breaking into a pickup. The suspect was booked into the Atascosa Co. Jail. That’s good police work.
Property Crimes: H.E.B. Plus reported two thefts. On one theft a suspect attempted to push out a basket full of stuff, but he wasn’t successful. The other was a person who took off with an AC unit valued at $169. They took off in a black Ford F250. It’s awful hot outside, I would suspect this won’t be our last AC theft (and we have the whole summer in front of us). John’s Small Engine repair reported a theft by check incident; the check was for $268.06. The final property crime of the week was criminal mischief at McDonald’s. An employee reported that a window to her vehicle had been broken out.
Fourth of July Fireworks Update: The city will be partnering with the Lytle Chamber of Commerce to make our event even better. It looks like there will be food trucks set up as well as live entertainment. The event will be on Monday, July 4th at John Lott Park. The fireworks are normally set off as soon as it gets dark. I am sure there will be more details to follow. For me, fireworks are okay…. but I don’t have to have them. For me, food trucks are a little more enjoyable.
Tragedy in Uvalde: A horrible situation that hit close to home. On the local front, Lytle PD provided heavy patrols to our schools and assisted with numerous events as they worked to close out the year. Sheriff’s deputies from Atascosa Co. and Medina Co. were also out in force. While there were no specific threats, hopefully, the increased police presence helped ease the tension. We will continue to collaborate with the school to provide support as needed.
We are fortunate to have effective communication with our school leaders. When the Superintendent’s name comes up on my cell phone it is normally something important. She has never called to say “Hi, this week I’m randomly checking in on LHS class of 1988 graduates”.
Matt Dear is adjusting to his role at city hall as the City Administrator, he has lots of projects he is working on and is going a 100 MPH! He told me it is different down at city hall compared to the police department. He said they don’t even have a nap time or watch TV! What a bummer place to work.

Memorial Day weekend

My Memorial Day weekend was truly a memorable one! In fact it wasn’t only a weekend; it began with my trip to Devine last week. The trip itself was uneventful, as traffic wasn’t bad, it didn’t rain on me and I made really great time. When I arrived at my daughter’s home, I assembled the snack I was planning to serve and had a nice visit with my son-in-law. My daughter made a wonderful dessert for me to serve to my Bunco ladies. It was a red/white and blue jelled dessert that served up beautifully and everyone seemed to really enjoy, as there were lots of compliments!
My two oldest great-granddaughters are with my daughter as their school was already out, and they and I ‘hung out’ together all day on Thursday! We went to the local doughnut shop for a sweet breakfast, then to the beauty shop for my appointment, and then, of course, we had to go to Wal-Mart and shop around. When we got back out to the house, we did several things together, including making the sausage kolaches that I had promised to bring to my youngest granddaughter whose home I would be going to, for her son’s first birthday party! That evening, I went to my son’s home and we got ready to leave early on Friday morning for the 9½-hour trip to the Texas panhandle where she and her family live. It was a tiring but awesome trip, with lots of scenery for me to enjoy. The rolling hills and plains were really pretty as they’ve had enough rain, so that everything was green, rather than burnt brown as some places are, and there are still enough wild flowers blooming, especially the one called “Mexican Hat” and the beautiful Indian Paintbrush. The colors in that plant always fascinate me, with its deep orange, gold and almost brown petals and center.
We had a nice visit, the baby was still up and I got to play with him. He is such a sweet little boy and came to me immediately, even though I hadn’t seen him since Thanksgiving. Since his other grandparents, great-grandmother and uncle were all coming in also, I was taken to the guesthouse of some friends. It’s a great place that I had all to myself, very quiet, with a wonderful bed, that by that time I needed!
Saturday morning, my granddaughter picked me up, her husband’s parents had gotten in later the evening before, and after breakfast we divided up into two cars and made the trip to Oklahoma City, where my granddaughter and my son met the plane that was bringing my daughter-in-law, her mother and son in from their trip to graduation exercises in Georgia. We all met up for a quick lunch and then headed to the Oklahoma City Zoo. We had a great time, the baby wasn’t fussy and he seemed to enjoy the animals. It was a long and wonderful day that I enjoyed immensely.
Sunday was time for church and then the birthday party. That little guy certainly enjoyed his cake! Actually, it was the second celebration of his birthday, as he had previously had one with some of his friends and his ‘Church family’ that was closer to his actual birthday.
Now, it is Sunday evening and while the rest of the family went to services, I stayed at home to get this done!
Last week, I told you about Memorial Day and how it started and gave you the beautiful poem about the poppies. This week, here is the story about the poppies
The following is the story of the “Buddy Poppy” as it was printed in an article in “Ladies Auxiliary VFW Magazine in October 2015.
“It takes just three little parts and a few practiced twists and turns of the hand to create a perfect “Buddy”® Poppy. But this mighty little flower improves the lives of many veterans and their families”
In a modest building near Fort Dodge in dodge City, Kansas, a small but dedicated group of volunteers works hard, each with their own personal assembly line, building “Buddy”® Poppies at an impressive pace. Hundreds of loose bright red petals, bright green stems and paper labels quickly turn into tiny bouquets. There have been millions of poppies shipped from this building since 2003. Orders are filled from all over the United States, even as far away as Alaska.
The “Buddy”® Poppy makes a lot of difference for lots of veterans. The flowers are typically assembled by veterans in need or disabled veterans. On a Post and Auxiliary level, income is used to aid members. On state and national levels money from the poppies provides much-needed services for disabled veterans and their widows and orphans. Funds raised also go toward supporting the VFW National Home for Children and Veterans’ rehabilitation services.
There have been millions of poppies shipped from this building since 2003. Orders are filled from all over the United States, even as far away as Alaska.
Sausage Potato Breakfast Casserole
1 30 oz bag frozen shredded hash browns
1 lb breakfast sausage
1 4 oz can green chiles
1 8 oz package cream cheese, softened
1 8 oz container heavy cream
1 can cream of celery soup
Salt, pepper and a little cayenne pepper to taste
Preheat oven to 350ºF. Grease a 2 qt casserole dish. In a deep skillet, brown sausage and crumble with a potato masher. Add the can of green chiles and the cream cheese until all melted and then add the soup and heavy cream.  (If mixture is still thick, thin slightly with milk.) Heat all on medium heat, stirring continually until all is well blended and to keep from sticking to the bottom of the skillet. Once well blended, remove from heat and set aside. Break up frozen hash browns and layer on bottom of baking dish. Pour the sausage mixture over hash browns & bake until all bubbling and potatoes are heated through. Top with grated cheese while warm.

Dang its hot!

Dang its hot! Nuff said. Relief is a day closer. We managed to finish our 4.2 mile paving project and are gearing up for our next one. We have two short stretches on the drawin board right now with a few others in mind.
We had our State of the County meeting on Tuesday. Things are looking very good financially. Our General Fund Reserves are up to just under 16 million dollars. Our Tax Rate has gone down from .5517 cents per hunnerd dollar valuation in 2016-19 to .5473 in 2020 to .5223 for 2021. What does this mean?
With a reduction in the Tax Rate, taxes should go down, right? Wrong. Property Appraisals have gone through the roof and we are paying more even with the reduced Tax Rate. I am sure that everyone has gotten their Property Appraisals by now and have cussed a little.
The increase would not bother those with a 7 figure bank account or a 6 figure annual income but, those who are working for the magical $15 an hour and have saved enough to buy a small home will be on the verge of being taxed out of it if something is not done with taxes. With the increase in everything else (and I do mean everything) $15 an hour don’t go very far.
Historically, we have budgeted more expenses than revenue but, through conservative spending by all departments, our General Fund Revenue has been increased each year for the last 12 years due to our Revenue coming in more than our budgeted expenses.
I will have more on the Appraisal District Budget, employee salaries, requested raises and whether or not there is support enough (I am all for this) for us to adopt the Effective Tax Rate instead of the smoke and mirrors of lowering the Tax Rate on the increased Appraisal figures. The Effective Tax Rate is the rate that would bring in the same amount of revenue as last year.
The County voted to purchase a couple bank buildings in Hondo for future office space for bout 2.1 million dollars. One is next to the Courthouse Annex and the other is several blocks away, facing the tracks. In my opinion, one was needed and the other was not.
With all this prosperity in County government, I think that we could pull in the reins a little and give some relief to the local taxpaying citizens for a change. The process has to start somewhere. Why not at the local level? Counties, Cities, Schools and ESD’s should join the effort…just my opinion. There are four other folks that sit at the Commissioners Court table and contribute to the decision making so, contact one of the other 4.
Believe it or not, there is a run-off election going on this next Tuesday the 24th. So far, the turnout has been embarrassingly low countywide. Voting is being held at the Community Center in Devine for those of us what live in Devine and Natalia. If you are serious about changing things, practice voting. It don’t hurt.

National Night Out

Last week at Lytle PD …. We had 66 calls for service and conducted 77 traffic stops. Those traffic stops resulted in 58 citations and 19 warnings.
Officers made 5 arrests last week, and all of them were from traffic stops. #1 – The driver stopped on Main St. had an active felony warrant for Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon (Bexar Co.). He was transported to the Atascosa Co. Jail. #2 – A traffic stop on Lytle-Somerset St. resulted in a “cite and release” for possession of drug paraphernalia. #3 – A traffic stop on Main St. resulted in the arrest of a male for possession of a controlled substance (meth). He was booked into the Atascosa Co. Jail. #4 – A traffic stop on Wisdom Rd. resulted in a “cite and release” for possession of drug paraphernalia. #5 – A traffic stop on Lytle-Somerset resulted in an arrest for Driving While License Invalid w/a prior conviction. He was booked into the Atascosa Co. Jail.
Officers took reports of 3 property crimes last week. #1 – A victim reported that their mini-storage unit was forcibly entered, and two baby crib mattresses valued at $60 were missing. I would classify that as an “odd” theft for sure. #2 – A N. Prairie St. resident reported that the back window of her vehicle had been “busted” out. It looks as if someone hit it with a bat or pipe. #3 – While on patrol, officers noticed that paintballs had struck the glass storefront windows of Little Caesars, Sun Loan, Twin Liquors, and Lytle Nail and Spa (they are all next to each other in the same shopping strip). There was no damage to the windows.
If you have been down Somerset St., you might notice the new 25 MPH signs. Public Works recently completed the installation. Diaz St., N. Prairie, and N. Benton are scheduled to have signs installed in the future as well. Please keep an eye out and watch your speed.
Lytle-Somerset St. was the first to have the 25 MPH signs installed. We compared the old and the new data from our speed trailer, and it shows that reducing the speed limit from 30 MPH to 25 MPH resulted in the average speed being reduced by 5 MPH. So that is good news if it works on all the other streets targeted for 25 MPH limits.
What else is happening? A big fireworks show is planned for Monday, July 4th. The event will be held at John Lott Park, it has been two years since we put on a show. It is one of the most popular events the city host.
We are also looking forward to our first National Night Out event since 2019! It will be on the first Tuesday in Oct. (the 4th). Yes, I know it is still a long way off. I am already preparing the menu. We usually provide hotdogs and soft drinks at our NNO event, but with the rising cost of food I may be reduced to serving just crackers and water and the water wouldn’t even be bottled.

Wind in our hair, bugs in our mouth

I finally found a good old golf cart that’s raggedy enough that I got it for $1,100. I’ve been looking for many months, because golf carts these days cost more like a small car. I learned how to drive in a golf cart, and I thought it would be good practice for A’Dell, too.
The best part is, golf carts, at least old golf carts, only go about 10 MPH at most, and that’s really pushing it. My dad bought me and my siblings a golf cart to drive around the ranch for that very reason. My golf cart was really slow though, topped out around 5 MPH, but I loved it none the less. We got a little battery charged radio and cruised around the ranch at 5 MPH all day long, wind in our hair, hands on the steering wheel.
One of my funniest memories was with my cousin, Cindy. We were cruising around one day, feeling cool, singing along to our little radio that was duct taped to the dash. Only problem was, bugs kept flying into our mouths (along with the wind in our hair)! So we got the ingenious idea to wrap several rounds of seran wrap around the two front posts of the golf cart like a windshield. I don’t think that get-up would have passed inspection, but we were sure proud of ourselves for coming up with that idea. We were always doing something crazy to “fix up” our golf cart and make it more like the cool vehicle we were dreaming of.
The new golf cart that I bought this weekend has a little bed in the back of the cart. My teenage daughter was so happy about getting a golf cart that she solemnly swore she would take out the trash every day now, because she can drive it to the dumpster instead of carrying it. I wanted to make sure to put that in writing!
Yep, I think this old golf cart is going to be worth every penny. We got her a little battery-operated radio, too, so I have a feeling … it’s only a matter of time before my daughter breaks out the seran wrap!

A Day of Remembrance

Last week, I told you about our 100th year celebration of our local hospital and said that I was excited to be going to the culmination of that week’s celebration, which would be a dressy party. It was a wonderful party with many of the Hospital Foundation donors, members of the Hospital Board, our doctors, the hospital staff, and last but by no means least about twenty or more of our auxiliary members.
When you walked into our local Community Center, the first thing you saw was an antique crib or isolette with a small doll dressed as a baby would have been, with a little jacket and diaper. As you checked in a found your table, the true decorations from the past 100 years were shown. There was an entire wall dedicated to photos of past doctors and nurses, newspaper articles about the hospital, that have been preserved, and the list goes on! Some of the older ladies in attendance were telling us about some of the Nuns who were nurses back in those days and how strict everything was, and how hard everyone worked.
There were also photos of Auxiliary members at various times, and a shadow box with pins and bars from the ladies, denoting the amount of hours donated to the Hospital by these members, It is a total of over 70,000 hours. I am not sure of the number of years that is included here. It is really a beautiful display and as I understand, it will be on display at our local museum until September.
The evening began with a cocktail reception, with drinks and any type of fruit, cheese, and cold cuts you can imagine for snacking, and lots of socializing, as everyone seemed to enjoy seeing old friends and former co-workers.
This was followed by welcome from our Hospital CEO, and an invocation by the Mr. Leck, Chair of the Hospital Board of Trustees.
Then came a marvelous dinner with a salad and a choice of entrée, that was steak medallions or salmon, followed by a choice of grilled vegetables, and was prepared and served by a restaurant from a nearby town, and the food and service was all awesome!
The meal was followed by a program of Personal and Oral History Interviews, including patients, our local Doctors, department heads, members of the Hospital board, a member of the Auxiliary. There are really too many to mention here, but it was a wonderful evening that culminated with the the unveling of a painting, called “A Century of Memories”. It will be on display at the hospital on our history wall at the hospital. The Hospital is shown in each of its re-buildings and growth through the past century.
Monday, May 30 is Memorial Day. What does it mean to you? Do you celebrate it, or is it just a neat day to have off work for a long weekend? Do you fly the flag? It is mainly a day of remembrance, of all the veterans of all the wars and is one of the holidays that are celebrated on the last Monday of the month that it is in. We will have a program at the Fire Station, with a part of the high school band playing for us, and also a really nice program. There are usually speakers, and wreaths are placed as memorials from many organizations.
Memorial Day was formerly called Decoration Day and was celebrated on May 30th. General John A. Logan, commander of the Grand Army of the Republic originated this day to honor the war dead.
It is a legal holiday in almost all the fifty states. In some places, the observance consists of civic parades and the placing of flowers on veteran’s graves. In San Antonio, there is usually a special service at Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery. This very impressive ceremony, with taps and a 21-gun salute, always reduces even the strongest to tears as they realize that these men who are buried here gave there all for their country.
There are services in foreign cemeteries honoring the graves of American servicemen who are buried on foreign soil. There are water services for those who died at sea, and there are ceremonies at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia. It has been the custom to fly the flag at half-mast until noon in the United States.
The verse that follows is one of the best known and is written about the Buddy Poppy. Everyone is familiar with this little red flower that is offered for a donation either at Memorial Day or in time for Veteran’s Day in November. John McCrae (1872-1918) is the author of this famous poem. He is remembered for what is probably the single best-known and popular poem from WWI. He was a Canadian physician and fought on the Western Front in 1914, but was then transferred to the medical corps and assigned to a hospital in France. He died of pneumonia while on active duty in 1918. His volume of poetry, “In Flanders Fields and Other Poems, was published in 1919. It is said that John McCrae was standing in the cemetery and saw the beautiful red poppies growing over the area, that he was so impressed and moved that he wrote the poem.
In Flanders Fields
By John McCrae (1872-1918)
In Flanders fields the
Poppies blow
Between the cross, row on row
That mark our place;
And in the sky
The larks, still bravely
Singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the
Guns below.
We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw
Sunset glow
Loved and were loved,
And now we lie
In Flanders fields. Take
Up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing
Hands we throw
The torch’ be yours to
Hold it high.
If ye break faith with us
Who die
We shall not sleep,
Though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.


We caught a little break this week, only 47 calls! Officers conducted 38 traffic stops. Those stops resulted in 24 citations and 14 warnings.
We had three arrests last week: #1 – A traffic stop on Main St. resulted in a “cite and release” for possession of drug paraphernalia. #2 – A traffic stop on Main St. resulted in the arrest of a male that had an active family violence warrant out of Harris Co. He was booked into the Atascosa Co. Jail. #3 – A roadside disturbance on Main St. resulted in the arrest of a male for assaulting his common-law wife. He also had three active warrants out of Frio Co. He was booked into the Atascosa Co. Jail.
We also had three property crimes reported last week. A First St. resident reported that a residence had been burglarized. So far, we haven’t been able to contact the victim to confirm the burglary. #2 – The toilet paper holder in the men’s room at John Lott Park was damaged. #3 – A sink was damaged in the men’s room at John Lott Park. We are working on the vandalism at the restroom, this week the damage was more minor. We welcome any information you can provide as to who may be responsible. It’s very frustrating and makes no sense.
Overall, last week was not that bad. Hopefully, we will see a slow down this summer; maybe the heat will keep the crooks at home.
What else is new? It appears we will be getting an IHOP at the planned truck stop on FM 3175 @ IH-35 Access Rd. This location is not yet under construction, but it is in the planning phases, I believe it will be a Road Ranger. I think this will be a terrific addition to our city. We can solve a lot of problems by the strategic use of a blueberry pancake eating contest.
Lt. Matthew Dear is headed down to city hall. He will be the interim City Administrator for 6 months, if all goes well the position will be permanent. If he is successful, I will take full credit for his advancement. If it doesn’t work out, I will tell the mayor and city council “What were you thinking.”
Don’t forget the Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring a Food Truck Rally and a market at the Lytle High School this Saturday. It will run from 11 AM – 7 PM, at the event last year I ate too much and spent too much money (Which sounds like the story of my life).

Where I am vs. Where am I

Have you ever noticed how a change in the order of just one word can make all the difference?
Many times in my life I have asked Where Am I? Lost in a big city or in the thick brush of La Brasada. Awakened from a disturbing dream or in the storm of a personal crisis. A feeling of anxiety and fear can come tumbling down. A lack of balance and stability. Off course and uncertain.
But when I think or say Where I Am, that most often reflects a feeling of awareness and understanding. And often a feeling of comfort and contentment.
And that is what this gift from me to you this day is about.
An acknowledgment that our “fit” together brings me much joy and security.
In fact, of the many blessings that have come my way, so many more than could ever be counted, knowing you and understanding that I belong with you in my life is one of the very best I have known.
So today, I want you to know that at it relates to my contentment in Life’s Journey…Where I Am with You is where I want to be.