Food Pantry puts out appeal to local gardeners and farmers

The Devine Food Pantry Ministry will remain open for the foreseeable future on our regular days of Tuesday and Thursday each week from approximately 10 am to 12:30 pm.

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In compliance with local and other authorities we have adjusted our procedures and policies.

When clients arrive, each will be given a number and asked to remain in their vehicles until called in two at a time. Only one family member per household is allowed in the building. No children.

We are grateful for everyone’s patience and understanding. God has blessed us with volunteers each day but we can always use more assistance if you are comfortable doing so.

We would like to put out an appeal to local gardeners and farmers to donate fresh produce. We depend on HEB and WalMart for donations but we realize they are limited in what they can contribute at this time. We appreciate whatever assistance the community can offer. Contact Shirley Crouse, Operations Coordinator at 210-444-9797.

“We are low on fresh fruits and vegetables and fresh meats since the local WalMarts are our main source of donations and they have been selling out,” said Doug Trott. “So cash is another great way to help as we can stretch the money pretty far since we can buy things from the SA Food Bank often at 15 cents a pound instead of several dollars per pound. We did place a 6,000 order this week and received less than half what we hoped for due to high demands during the crisis.”

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