Openings for support staff in Natalia, Lytle schools

Though all of their teaching positions have been filled, Natalia ISD and Lytle ISD both still have vacancies for support staff.
Natalia ISD
Natalia ISD still has vacancies for a bus driver and a teacher’s aide.
The district normally employs 14 bus drivers. There is currently one vacancy, and another may be pending. The number of drivers needed depends on how many students are enrolled for in-person learning and require transportation to and from school.
There is also still an opening for a Head Start instructional aide at the Early Childhood Center.
To submit an application, visit the district website at, click on the “For Staff” link, then click “Apply for a job”.
Lytle ISD
Lytle ISD is seeking to add four additional custodians to the 21 it normally employs.
Additionally, there is still a spot open for one student teacher.
To apply, visit the LISD website at and click on “Jobs.”
By Marly Davis
Staff Writer