Big rigs carrying candy and sugar collide

This collision between two eighteen wheelers hauling candy and sugar occurred on I-35 N coming through Lytle around 7:20 PM on Thursday, July 18.

Authorities were out until 2:45 am cleaning up.

The northbound lanes were shut down for at least an hour, and witnesses said the collision sounded like an explosion near Bill Millers. It was about 10:30 PM when authorities were able to open both lanes back up.
“An 18 wheeler hauling some sort of candy that looked like pasta had a flat on the trailer,” said Lytle Police Chief Richie Priest. “They pulled over to the shoulder to inspect it and figured they could make it up to the truck stop at Fisher Road to get it fixed.”
“As they were entering the lane of traffic from the shoulder, they were struck by another 18 wheeler that was loaded with bags of sugar,” Chief Priest said. “The sugar hauler ended up in the center median. Surprisingly no one was transported to the hospital though one lady had some minor cuts to her arm…..Medina County Sheriff’s Office assisted us with traffic control and TXDOT assisted with their lane closure and signage. It was a weird deal seeing all of that sugar and candy in the median.”
It wasn’t until around 2:45 am that the mess was cleaned up and the big rigs were hauled off. A special thank you to all of our first responders including police, deputies, and volunteer firefighters, who many times work into the wee hours of the night to respond to our emergencies.