A miracle comes just in time from Aunt Vern, Esme’s Angel

The Garcia/Campos family never gave up hope, doing everything they could to find a living donor for Baby Esme, to speed up the process of the liver transplant she so desperately needed. After many long weeks, that miracle has come. It was a week of many ups and downs, with a failed organ transplant attempt occurring first, and doctors telling baby’s mother, Mrs. Valerie Garcia, that there wasn’t much time left.
“They said she only had a few days left. After 50 people getting evaluated, as well as some deceased organ donors, we finally found our angel, and it was my sister!” said Mrs. Garcia. “God works in mysterious ways, and is always on time…When I found out I just looked up into the sky.”
“When they took out her liver, they said it was so hardened, it looked like an asteroid, and she also had a cyst on her bile duct,” Mrs. Garcia said.”We are forever grateful to you Veronica….Esme now shares a liver with you and a scar that she can look back on. Doctors literally told us she had days to live. God has great timing and works miracles. We love you so much, words cannot explain, and you were also our number one supporter, helping us in every way, prayers for my sister for a fast recovery.”
Aunt Veronica Moreno, of Natalia, was that angel.
“Things happen for a reason. The reason I say this is because before hearing of how sick my niece was, I was planning on joining the military. I started running every single day just to get down to the weight I needed to join the military, but now I know God definitely had other plans for me! God was preparing me this whole time to be Esme’s donor, because if I wouldn’t have lost all that weight and started eating healthier and stopped drinking alcohol, I wouldn’t have been a good match for her. Things definitely happen for a reason. Now my niece has a piece of me with her always, and it makes me so happy! It truly is a perfect story I’d love to tell her when she’s older.”
“Shortly after losing all that weight and getting into shape, I started hearing how bad my niece’s condition had gotten, and I told my husband I needed to check to see if I’m a match. So I called them to get the process started, and at this point things were moving fast because of how sick she was. They said I was a perfect match, so they asked if I wanted to continue, so I said yes of course I can go in ASAP! So within a week’s time I got everything done and the Thursday morning I got there the surgeon told me everything went great that I am Esme’s match!”
“I was crying tears of joy because I am my niece’s match, and I am her donor! I had to wait all day for final approvals and I was just so anxious to tell my sister. Finally come 5 p.m., they told my sister! She called me crying telling me she knew I was her match all along, she just had this feeling, and she was right. Surgery was done the next morning, and she has been doing good ever since.”
“I love how even though she was going through all of this, Esme always had a smile on her face and was still fighting! She is definitely a tough baby!” Aunt Veronica adds.

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Mrs. Garcia explains how it all happened.
“Last week was such a hard week for us. I messaged the coordinator that I cannot wait any longer, I needed to switch hospitals to get my baby help, right after I sent that message we got a call Tuesday that we had a deceased donor, so right away I left work we were so excited. Surgery was set for the next day, and they kept saying it was a perfect match, so we waited and waited…Then doctors came in and told us the veins did not line up so they couldn’t use it. We were so disappointed, we just cried all day because at this point our daughter was very sick. She was not eating, not keeping her food down, and her kidneys were failing. I was feeling hopeless..Two hours later on Thursday, the Doctor said we have a living donor, and I was in shock, I was so happy, I just couldn’t express how happy I was, so I rushed to the hospital once again. They told us they had a perfect match. Her surgery was scheduled the next day and this time it was real. My baby got another chance at life, and everything went well during surgery. We were told so much could happen because she was so very sick, so we were worried the whole 12 hours waiting and waiting. Finally doctors came in with a thumbs up, and we were so relieved, we hugged them and we thanked the man up above for his great timing. Esme is such a strong baby! She is not out of the woods yet but has been extubated (off her breathing machine) and she is doing fine breathing on her own. Her heart rate and blood pressure been up and down but overall she is a fighter. We are so thankful for everyone’s prayers and thoughts and thankful for everyone who participated in trying to be a donor to help save my baby’s life. We still ask for prayers, we now start our new journey, and this is just the beginning.”
By Kayleen Holder