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Bomb squad called to Natalia; neighborhood evacuated

Medina County officials are waiting on the SA bomb squad to investigate a suspicious device found in Natalia this evening.
“A suspicious electronic device was found along the side of the road,” said Medina County Emergency Manager Keith Lutz, said at 7:40 pm this Monday April 16. “We don’t think it is really a bomb, but we are just being cautious right now. I am hoping we will have an answer soon.”
Natalia PD Chief Gilbert Rodriguez adds, “We evacuated homes on both sides of the 500th block of Aubrey St. We are waiting on SAPD bomb squad.”
Check back for updates on the situation.

UPDATE- At 8:45 pm, we were notified that SAPD Bomb Squad made location.
“They checked it out, and we were given the all clear,” said Natalia PD Chief Rodriguez.

Local Elections on May 6
Where, when, why, how much
Early voting April 24- May 2

 City of Devine-  Vote at City Hall
 Vote For or Against
Bond Election- $18 Million for drainage and flood control
Everyone can vote in the Bond election
Everyone can vote in mayoral race.
Mayor- Cory Thompson (i) and Butch Cook
District 2 and 4 get to vote in their races as well
Council Dist.2- Angela Pichardo (i) and Michael Hernandez
Dist 4 – Debbie Randall
Devine ISD- Vote at County Building
Vote For or Against
Proposition A- 31.5 Million  for Safety and Renovations of Schools,  Band Hall
Proposition B- 1.5 Million – for 4 New Tennis Courts
Medina County- Vote at County Building
 (across from Tractor Supply)
Medina County ESD 2 (Devine Fire area)- add 1.25 % to sales tax
Medina County ESD 5- (Natalia Fire area) add 1.25% to sales tax
Medina County ESD 4- (EMS Devine/Natalia areas – add .50% to sales tax
ESD4 overlaps both fire districts (2&5), since EMS can bill for services they are asking for only .25 from each district, so .25+.25=  .5% sales tax
*Note: 8.25% is the maximum any city or county in Texas can charge for sales tax. Medina County is at 6.75% currently, so that leaves 1.5% open.
Lyle ISD- cancelled election, no contested races
City of Lytle- cancelled election- no contested races
Natalia City/Schools- no elections
LaCoste City- no elections

Mountain Lion advisory from Medina County sheriff

Thursday, March 16–The Medina County Sheriff’s Office issued a statement to us this evening, Thursday, March 16 in response to concerns and to inform residents about the best way to respond if you do encounter a mountain lion.

Stock photo Courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife

There have been some concerns of a mountain lion in our county, Sheriff Randy Brown has released this in reference to it:

“If you are found to be face-to-face or in close proximity to mountain lions/big cat, hold your ground or back away slowly. Continue facing the mountain lion and maintain eye contact. Speak in a loud voice, do all you can to appear larger; Stand upright, raise your arms, raise your walking stick, open your jacket. If you have small children or pets with you, try to pick them up without turning away or bending over. If the mountain lion/big cat appears to be hurt or wounded do not approach, call Medina County Sheriff’s Office.”

Images show what a lion track looks like in comparison to a dog or coyote in the (Source: Field Guide to Mountain Lions by Texas Department of Wildlife)

So close to Dome, Lady Pirates Finish tremendous season at Regional Finals

Malakai Castro defends the goal at the State Tournament. The Pirates fell to Childress in the State Semi Finals. Photo by Vori B

Jerel Beaty
Staff Writer
Lytle came within three points of playing in the Alamodome this past weekend at the State Tournament as their season ended in the Regional Final game against Columbus 62-59. Lytle won their Regional Semifinal against Rio Hondo 69-48. Lytle finished its season at 27-11.
“Behind the great support we had in Seguin, we scored 31 points in transition and had 19 steals against Rio Hondo! Our defense was too much for the Valley-team to handle. We were up 35-17 at the half and never looked back. Fizz Hutton picked up 500 steals for her career here in Lytle she got the name ‘Pick a Pocket Fizz’!”
The Lady Pirates made it back to the Regional Final, or the “Elite 8” as Coach Wilson likes to refer to it.
“This time we knew we had a chance to advance to the dome if everything worked out. We knew we were facing a good Columbus team, but we felt our defense could get us past them.”
Lytle was down by three after the first quarter, 14-11, but Calyssa Sevier hit a big three-pointer that helped her team to a 29-25 halftime lead.
That momentum quickly faded as Columbus went on a 22-10 third-quarter scoring-spree to take a 47-39 lead into what would become the last eight minutes of the quarter for the Lady Pirates.
“We had a rough 3rd quarter,” was Wilson’s statement regarding that ill-fated eight-minute stretch.
Lytle was not going to give up the ship, however, and fought back to outscore Columbus 20-15 in the final frame.
“We took the lead with 1:40 left in the game, but we were in foul trouble. The first one to go was Katara then after we took the lead by one.”
Sevier fouled out moments later, followed by Cadee Martinez.
“Calyssa got the hot hand that brought us back, but she got called for a tick-tack foul and had to leave the game with 5 fouls. We are still up at that point, though, but then Caddie got called for a tick-tack foul as well. Now, three of our five starters are not on the floor.
The remaining two starters and reserves who were ready for the moment almost brought Lytle a Regional Championship.
“We still have a chance to tie the game, only down by three points. Fizz tried for a three, but it was short and time ran out.”
It was quite the season for the Lady Pirates. A season that saw them play a rigorous schedule in hopes that it would propel them to the Final Four in the Alamodome. The team came up just short of that goal, but created so many good memories for themselves, their coaches, and for the community of Lytle.
“All year long if you have watched these girls, we play hard defense and never have never had three starters fouled out of any game. To get some of the calls we got in a Regional Final game was heartbreaking. If you were in the gym you felt the heartbreak and saw the tears. This will be one of those games that will be talked about for years to come!”
The support that Lytle generated throughout the season was simply amazing.
“What I loved about this season is the support from the community. People always say Lytle has no spirit, well, we sure proved them wrong. I had alumni from all years calling and texting how proud they were of the team and that is what it is all about. To represent your community with pride and to see their excitement and having them feel good about our little town is amazing. This season may have come to an end but the memories will last a lifetime.”
Lytle returns seven players from this team for the 2023-2024 season, and Wilson is high on her 8th grade group that will be freshmen next year.
Even so, saying goodbye to seniors is never an easy thing, especially to a senior group that has put Lytle’s name on the map in girls basketball.
“I feel for seniors Cadee Martinez, Fizz Hutton, Mac Sessom, and Rose Scotello. For the last three years, they (Cadee and Fizz) have been part of a team that combined for more than 60 plus wins, 3 District Titles, back-to-back Regional Final Appearances, and 10 golden balls in all. I have to say that is an incredible resume. They gave everything they had and they will be remembered forever as the Lytle basketball team that made history!”
Big Thanks!
“I want to thank everyone that followed us all season, and for all the support. I will not personally thank anyone because I know I would leave someone off, but we know who you are! It was a great ride, but everything great has to end sometime…I just wish we would have had one more week.”
Combined stats
Calyssa Sevier had an incredible showing in the Regional Tournament this girl is the real deal 65 points 13 rebounds 5 assists 12 deflections 16 steals 2 charges; Fizz Hutton 26 points, 17 rebounds, 3 assists, 22 deflections, 12 steals, 1 charge; Cadee Martinez 16 points, 5 rebounds, 2 assists, 4 deflections; Katara Whitfield 14 points, 18 rebounds, 1 block, 1 assist, 5 deflections, 1 steal; Amelia Martinez 2 points, 3 rebounds, 4 assists, 5 deflections, 4 steals; Mac Sessom 3 points, 4 rebounds, 4 deflections, 2 steals; Arianna Garcia 2 points, 1 rebound.

Arabian Softball vs Uvalde, Poteet; 2-2 district record

Devine Varsity Arabian #1 Natalie Valle hits a double and called safe at second.

Last Tuesday, March 7th, the Devine Arabian softball team traveled to Uvalde to play their third district game of the season. Strong pitching and limited error in the field won the match for the Arabians 3-0. The win puts the girls at a district record of 2-1, two losses; one win. Pitcher Hilary Barnett  threw a shutout, lasting seven innings, allowing five hits and zero runs while striking out 11 and walking zero. In the batter’s box the Arabians tallied seven hits. Denise Contreras and Natalie Valle led the team with two hits each. Stats for the match are as follows:
Batting: Singles: Natalie Valle-2, Angelina Rios-1, Maddie Brown-1, Denise Contreras-2. Triples: Yaya Rodriguez-1. Runs: Valle-2, Rodriguez-1.
Fielding: Assists: Valle-1. Outs: Valle-1, Rios-1, Kynedie Cruz- 1, Kate Featherly-2, Barnett-2, Allie Dugosh-1, Rodriguez-11, Skylar Blanton-2.
Pitching: Barnett: Hits Allowed-5, Strikeouts-11.
Friday, March 10th, the Arabians hosted a match against Carrizo Springs. The Arabians trampled Carrizo a whopping 13-3. A threat on the mound and the batter’ box, Hilary Barnett tallied 4 hits; a single, two doubles, and a home run. On the mound, Barnett surrendered three runs on five hits over five innings, striking out ten and walking one. Varsity Arabians Kate Featherly and Angelina Rios were threats in the batter’s box as well with a home run each. As a team the Arabians totaled 15 hits. Yaya Rodriguez, Denise Contreras, and Hilary Barnett each collected multiple hits, and Natalie Valle, Kynedie Cruz, Kate Featherly, and Allie Dugosh each made contact with one. The win settled the girls at a district record of 2-2.
Batting: Singles: Rodriguez-2, Cruz-1, Barnett-1, Dugosh-1. Doubles: Valle-1, Rios-1, Rodriguez-1, Barnett-2, Contreras-1. Triples: Contreras-1. Home Runs: Rios-1, Featherly-1, Barnett-1. Runs: Valle-1, Rios-1, Rodriguez-3, Cruz-1, M Rivera-2, Featherly-1, Barnett-1, Dugosh-1, Contreras-2.
Fielding: Outs: Valle-1, Rodriguez-10, Featherly-2, Contreras-2.
Pitching: Barnett: Hits Allowed-5, Walks-1, Strikeouts- 10.

Natalia Lady
Mustang Softball

Varsity Natalia Mustang #5 Skylene Gallegos makes contact with the ball. By MB.

Last Tuesday, March 7th, the Natalia Lady Mustangs defeated Luling 10-0! The Natalia Lady Mustangs racked up eight hits for the day. Threats in the batter’s box for the match include Isabel Laque,Kody Blanquiz, Kira Jimenez, and Marina Billalobos. Leading the Mustangs in hits were Jimenez with 3, and Blanquiz with 2. Blanquiz and Billalobos worked together to pitch a shut-out. Blanquiz lasted four and two-thirds innings, allowing seven hits and zero runs while striking out four and walking one. Billalobos lasted one-third of an inning, allowing zero hits and zero runs while walking zero. Stats for the match are as follows:
Batting: Singles: Blanquiz-2, Vera-1, Jimenez-1, Gallegos-1, Laque-1. Doubles: Jimenez-2. Runs: Blanquiz-2, Vera-1, Ramirez-2, Figueroa-2, Segovia-1, Billalobos-2.
Fielding: Assists: Segovia-1. Outs: Blanquiz-3, Jimenez-4, Skylene Gallegos-1, Syrene Gallegos-2, Abigail Figueroa-1, Segovia-3, Laque-1.
Pitching: Blanquiz: Hits Allowed-7, Walks-1, Strikeouts-4. Billalobos: Hits Allowed-0, Walks-0, Strikeouts-0.
Friday, March 10th, the Mustangs took on the Poteet Aggies. The Lady Mustangs were down 3-2 in the bottom of the fifth inning when Billalobos brought in three runs with a home run, winning the match 5-3! Billalobos pitched all seven innings as well. The Mustang surrendered three runs on eight hits over seven innings, striking out eight and walking one. Threats in the batter’s box were Billalobos with 3 hits , Gallegos with 1, Saenz with 1, and Laque with 1. Stats for the match are as follows:
Batting: Singles: Skylene Gallegos-1, Valerie Saenz-1, Marina Billalobos-1. Doubles: Billalobos-1, Isabel Laque-1. Home Runs: Billalobos-1. Runs: Kira Jimenez-2, Gallegos-1, Araceley Segovia-1, Billalobos-1.
Fielding: Outs: Jimenez-8, Skylene Gallegos-1, Saenz-2, Syrene Gallegos-1, Abigail Figueroa-3, Segovia-2, Billalobos-2, Laque-2.
Pitching: Billalobos: Hits Allowed- 8, Walks- 1, Strikeouts- 8.

Warhorse Regional recap; Seth DeLeon on to State
Powerlifting Meet!

Jerel Beaty
Staff Writer
Seth DeLeon punched his ticket to the State Powerlifting Meet in Abilene March 24 with his 1,200lb effort in the 148lb weight class at Regional. DeLeon, Juan Rendon, Diego Mendoza, Joe Guerrero, and Zach Martinez all competed for the chance to advance to the final meet of the season last Friday in Kingsville.
Seth totaled 1,210lb to get the automatic state bid in his class by squatting 460, benching 315, and deadlifting 435 to finish 4th overall in Region 5 Division 2.
Juan Rendon (114lb) totaled 725lb by squatting 280, benching 145, and deadlifting 300 to finish 11th in the region.
Diego Mendoza (123lb) totaled 860lb by squatting 375, benching 175, and deadlifting 310 to finish 9th in the region.
Joe Guerrero (123) totaled 840lb by squatting 315, benching 195, and deadlifting 330 to finish 10th in the region.
Zach Martinez (198lb) totaled 1,335lb by squatting 520, benching 365, and deadlifting 450 to finish 9th in the region.
Congratulations to all Warhorse lifters, and best of luck to Seth at State March 24 in Abilene!

Seth DeLeon punched his ticket to the State Powerlifting Meet in Abilene March 24 with his 1,200lb effort in the 148lb weight class at Regional.
Warhorse powerlifters (left to right): Joe Guerrero, Zach Martinez, Diego Mendoza, Seth Deleon. Not Pictured; Juan Rendon.

4 Lytle Lifters Statebound,
several compete at regionals

Lytle has three lady pirate lifters who are Statebound in Powerlifting including Natalie Pacheco, Nivea Sanchez, and Brianna Paredes. They will head to state on March 16th in Frisco.
Pacheco placed 1st in her weight class and set the regional record for deadlift twice, first at 390 then again at 410 pounds!  She is also ranked 1st in the state heading into the state meet!  Nivea Sanchez placed 2nd in her weight class and Brianna Paredes qualified by reaching her qualifying total.
In the boy’s side, Pirates Mario Diaz, Luke Estrada, and Robert Inming qualified for Regionals. Mario Diaz earned 1st place in his weight class and the Outstanding Deadlifter Award, officially punching his ticket to the State Meet in Abilene. Robert Inming and Luke Estrada gave their all and gained great regional experience.
“These kids continue to push boundaries, and again I am so proud to be your coach,” said Coach Melissa Gomez in a recent post.

State Qualifying Lytle Lady Pirates Natalie Pacheco, Nivea Sanchez, and Brianna Paredes. They will head to state on March 16th in Frisco.

Regional Qualifying Lytle Pirates (left to right): Luke Estrada, Mario Diaz (state qualifier), and Robert Inming.

Lady Mustangs win fourth Power Lifting
Regional Championship, six qualify to State

The Natalia Lady Mustangs captured their fourth Regional Power Lifting Championship March 4th. Three lifters will be advancing to the State Meet to be hosted on March 16 in Frisco, Texas, Dominique Banda, Ashley Aguirre, Araceley Segovia, Jiselle Olivarez, Abigail Fulton , and Isabel Laque.
Senior Dominique Banda : State Qualifier 114lb Weight Class Squat – 285 Bench – 140 Dead – 255 Total – 680 Senior Dominique Banda earned herself a trip back to the state meet by placing 3rd in her weight class. In the past season, Dom suffered a back injury… she approached this year with one mission, to earn herself a trip back to the state meet. She did just that! We are excited for Dom and look forward to watching her compete in her final meet of her career.
Senior Jiselle Olivarez : State Qualifier 220lb Weight Class Squat – 500 Bench – 250 Dead – 395 Total – 1145 Senior Jiselle Olivarez punched her ticket to the state meet placing 1st in her weight class at the regional meet. This is the third year in a row that Jiselle has been a regional champion. Jiselle will look to earn her 3rd state title at the state meet in Frisco.

Natalia Lady Mustang Abigail Fulton 123lb Weight Class STATE QUALIFIER.

Sophomore Abigail Fulton State Qualifier 123lb Weight Class Squat – 260 Bench – 135 Dead – 255 Total – 650 Sophomore Abigail Fulton earned a spot in the state meet by finishing 2nd in her weight class at the regional meet. Abigail competed very well but just fell short of the 1st place spot. This will be Abigail’s first me qualifying for the state meet.

Natalia Lady Mustang Ashley Aguirre 165lb Weight Class STATE QUALIFIER.

Junior Isabel Laque, State Qualifier, 259 Weight Class
Freshman Ashley Aguirre, State Qualifier, 165 Weight Class. Freshman Ashley Aguirre came out strong her freshman year representing Natalia well. We will never forget when she was just a 7th grader and so eager to lift for us and just excited to be a part of it, now she is getting that opportunity! Ashley qualified for State in the 165s with a 330 Squat 140 bench and 325 deadlift finishing with a total of 795lbs. Ashley finished 2nd in her weight class and hit the qualifying total for state. We look forward to watching Ashley compete this Thursday at the state meet! 

Natalia Lady Mustang Araceley Segovia 198lb Weight Class STATE QUALIFIER.

Junior Araceley Segovia, State Qualifier, 198 Weight Class. Junior Araceley Segovia had a great regional meet, returning home as a 198lb Regional Champion. Celey secured her title with a 465 squat, 165 bench and a 345 deadlift for a total of 975lbs. She has done a great job leading the way this season. Entering the state meet she is sitting 2nd in her weight class. We look forward to Thursday and the opportunity for her to go compete for a state title!
Senior Sam Lopez: 105lb Weight Class Squat – 215 Bench – 90 Dead – 185 Total – 490 Senior Samantha Lopez completed her power lifting career on Saturday at Regional, finishing 4th in her weight class. This was Sam’s first trip to regional and we’re excited she was able to place and earn herself a medal! Sam has been a huge part of our success this season, doing her part and placing in every meet to earn us team points. We are going to miss Sam and wish her the best of luck in her future!

Natalia Lady Mustang Isabel Laque 259+lb Weight Class STATE QUALIFIER.

Senior Ava Sanchez : 114lb Weight Class Squat – 245 Bench – 1130 Dead – 250 Total – 625 Ava Sanchez competed in the final meet of her career finishing 5th place at the regional meet. This wasn’t an easy task as she faced a potential bomb out on bench. She showed us the true competitor she is and was able to complete her last and final attempt. We couldn’t be any more proud of her fight! Ava has been someone we are able to depend on, someone who always does her part and isn’t afraid to hold others accountable when needed. With Ava being a senior, we are going to miss her commitment and leadership in the weight room and in the classroom!

Natalia Lady Mustang Jiselle Gonzales 220lb Weight Class STATE QUALIFIER.

Senior Rebekah Sanchez : 123lb Weight Class Squat – 240 Bench – 90 Dead – 250 Total – 580 Senior Rebekah Snachez completed her power lifting career on Saturday at Regional, finishing 6th in her weight class. Bekah just barely missed a medal by 5lbs! She has worked hard all season long helping lead the team as a senior. We are thankful for her commitment and leadership the last 4 years!
Senior Marina Billalobos: 181lb Weight Class Squat – 285 Bench – 130 Dead – 295 Total – 710 Senior Marina Billalobos completed her power lifting career on Saturday at the Regional Meet in Robstown, TX finishing 7th place. Marina had a great power lifting career, qualifying for regional two years in a row. We will miss Marina’s leadership and willingness to do whatever was best for the team!
Senior Valerie Saenz: 181lb Weight Class Squat – 290 Bench – 140 Dead – 260 Total – 690 Senior Valerie Saenz came out for her senior year. Having taken some me off, she did a great job competing this season and earning herself a trip to the regional meet where she placed 9th in her weight class. Val showed up on Saturday ready to compete and finished her career with a personal best in squat and dead lift. We will miss Val’s leadership and competiveness!
The chart features the rest of the Regional Championship team, all under classmen.

Natalia Lady Mustang Dominique Banda 114lb Weight Class STATE QUALIFIER.

Devine Police Report

March 3
7:41 am – Officer dispatched to Hondo Ave to assist AEP with traffic control while they worked on cable.
9:40 am – Complainant on Lee Dr. called regarding downed power lines hanging low. Officer made location and it appeared they were phone or cable lines not power.
9:45 am – Officer dispatched to SH173 for railroad crossing arms down. Reported to Union Pacific.
9:48 am – Officer dispatched to Herring Ave for railroad crossing arms down. Reported to Union Pacific.
11:23 am – Complainant on Malone Dr reported a drone being flown around area.
11:24 am – Complainant on Jack Nicklaus Dr reported a suspicious vehicle in the area. Unable to locate.
11:35 am – Officer dispatched to SH 173 to assist with traffic control while lights were being services.
12:18 pm – Officer dispatched to Mockingbird Ln for down power line in tree.
12:56 pm – Officer cited male subject on IH 35 N for DWI and released him. Courtesy ride given to Lowes.
15:47 pm – Complainant on Oakhill called about 18 wheelers parked facing the wrong way.
16:35 pm – Complainant on Hondo Ave reported suspicious vehicle, blue gray in color parked behind property. Unable to locate.
March 4
7:49 am – Officer dispatched to IH 35 for a one vehicle accident. Vehicle struck guard rail.
8:40 am – Male subject jailed for an outstanding warrant in Frio County. DWLI with previous convictions.
12:34 pm – Officer dispatched to Jack Nicklaus Dr for 911 hang up near golf course. Did not observe anyone in distress.
14:46 pm – Officer stopped vehicle on Dixon Dr. Female subject cited for possession of drug paraphernalia and released.
23:50 pm – Officer assisted MCSO with DWI male subject on IH 35 S.
March 5
2:29 am – Complainant on Herring Ave reported a suspicious male. Unable to locate.
10:45 am – Complainant on Wedgewood Way reported suspicious male wearing black hoodie walking in area. Unable to locate.
15:07 pm – Officer assisted DPS with cover on IH 35 N for bailout.
March 6
3:18 am – Officer dispatched to IH 35 S for a blue Honda all over the roadway. Unable to locate – delayed by a train.
17:14 pm – Officers dispatched to IH 35 Ave for panhandlers on location. Unable to locate.
17:15 pm – Complainant on Commercial Dr reported male subject dragging scrap metal around. Male is housed at Sterling Residential. He was returned to residence.
18:25 pm – Officer dispatched to IH 35 S in reference to a little boy walking around with no shit and shoes. All okay, boy with family.
23:58 pm – Complainant on IH 35 S reported unknown vehicle struck their vehicle while he was at work.
March 8
3:17 am – Complainant on Fullerton Dr reported he heard noise and two voices coming from behind shed in his backyard. Searched area, unable to locate anyone.
8:54 am – Complainant on SH 132 N reported damage to lock to dumpster. Occurred on March 2.
14:55 pm – Complainant on Hondo Ave called about possible shots being fired in area. Unknown source or exact location. Unable to locate, everything appeared to be okay.
16:03 pm – Officer dispatched to Hondo Ave for a minor accident.
17:15 pm – Complainant on IH 35 S called regarding a male subject driving a white Chevy suburban walked out of store with a vacuum cleaner valued at $158.
19:29 pm- Officer dispatched to IH 35 S for report of an 18 wheeler speeding and flashing lights at other vehicles. Unable to locate.
19:48 pm – Complainant on IH 35 S reported a vehicle stalled in slow lane of traffic. Unable to locate.
21:15 pm – Complainant on IH 35 N reported silver F150 speeding. Pick up failed to yield near mm 124.
22:43 pm – Complainant on Ross reported male subject yelling at passing vehicles in the ear. Made contact with male and transported by EMS to Southwest General.
March 9
1:30 am – Complainant on Enterprise Ave advised a maroon Dodge pickup in parking lot. Unknown who it belonged to. All okay, driver was employee who delivers medical supplies to facility.
10:49 am – Complainant on Zigzag Ave reported someone putting mail in mailboxes. After making contact with subject, they stated they worked for US Post Office and that their mail truck had broken down and was using vehicle.
12:55 pm – Complainant on Hondo Ave reporting unknown older white male approached them making threats. Subject Id’d; parties were separated.
14:18 pm – Complainant on Hondo Ave advised his truck was struck while parked at convenience store.
15:50 pm – Officer dispatched to Hondo Ave for minor accident.
16:00 pm – Officer dispatched to Hondo Ave for verbal disturbance between parties of previous accident. Parties were separated.
20:38 pm – Complainant on Hondo Ave advised male subject asking for money and possibly taking beer from store. Male subject was intoxicated and jailed.

Michael John Camarillo

March 4th, 2023, is the day Michael John Camarillo made it safely home to live eternity with our Heavenly Father, so let us rejoice and be glad.
Alicia, Eva, & Tommy were only a few of the lucky ones who knew a love so big that even on their worst days, they never questioned his love for them.
Mike was born on March 19, 1969, in Rockford, IL to Fred Camarillo and Anna Stewart. At the age of 26, he married the love of his life, Alicia Thompson. To this love, they were blessed with 2 children: Eva, 15 years old and Tommy, 12 years old. Together they lived most of their married life in Joplin, Missouri.
Mike cherished time with his family, including his beautiful sisters, brothers, nieces, nephews and countless other family and friends. He was gifted at forming long-lasting and meaningful relationships. Mike enjoyed many things. He had big dreams and it showed in the homes he designed and built for so many families throughout his career. He loved racing, outdoors, but mostly spending time with family and friends. Mike was not free of mistakes or crazy shenanigans; he was not afraid to have more fun than he should occasionally. Mike was a giver. He was not one to stand by and watch his family, friends or even strangers want for anything. If he had it or could obtain it, he gave it with an open heart and never looked back. That is who Mike was. To know him was to love him and love him big. If you knew Mike, you know how he loved his bacon-burgers and beer.
Mike was diagnosed and ultimately passed from Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD). There is still much to learn about this disease. To memorialize Mike’s life and in honor of his upcoming birthday, 3/19/1969, the family has asked that, in lieu of flowers, donations be made, to help with the research to find a cure for FTD. Our goal is to raise $31,969.00, the amount to match his date of birth, in Mike’s name to The Association for Frontotemporal Degeneration (AFTD).
Your donation can be made by:

  1. Using the QR code to access the tax-deductible page dedicated to Mike
  2. Sending a check made payable to AFTD, 2700 Horizon Drive, Suite 120, King of Prussia, PA 19406 (note: Mike Camarillo)
    It is our hope that as we celebrate Mike’s life, we continue to build his legacy as we build awareness of this horribly debilitating disease that robbed so many of us of his beautiful smile and zest for life too soon. Rest in Peace Mike…. until we meet again!
    Mike is survived by his wife, Alicia, his daughter Eva, and son Tommy
    Parents: Fred Camarillo, Anna & David Stewart, Glenn & Eva Thompson, and Mary Jane & Ramiro Balderrama.
    Siblings: Angie Camarillo, Jennifer (Mark) Collins, Tracie (Steve) Anderson, Misty Thompson, Cory (Carlos) Thompson, Beth Thacker, Gina (Fred) Morales, and Neva Fernandez
    Nieces & Nephews: Jordan (Jason) Manning, Ryan (Casey) Austin, Courtney (Justin) Mathis, Tabatha (Nathan) Camp, Taylor (Nathan) Carr, Peyton Carr, Aimee Carr, John Glenn Schnautz, Mackayla Schnautz, Milynn Schnautz, Aubrey Thacker, Ruby Kennedy, Fernando Morales, and Daniel (Gensen) Morales
    Grand-Nieces & Nephews: Braxton & Owen Manning, Hendrix & Maverick Austin, Wyatt & Mason Mathis, Emma & Anna Camp, and Enzo Granato
    Fur-Nephew: Henry Fernandez
    Countless Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, and friends
    Mike was preceded in death by his Brother: Adrian Camarillo, Paternal Grandparents: Armando & Mary Camarillo, Maternal Grandparents: Carl & Viola Powell
    A celebration of Mike’s life took place on Saturday, March 11, at the Devine Golf Course from 2 – 6pm. All were welcome to attend.