The descendants of John and Sallie McLemore Redus

This mural at Triple C is of the Redus Ranch, which was located off Zig Zag Ave. in Devine.

“If you have ever walked into Triple C Steakhouse in Devine and wondered about the beautiful mural on the wall, this is a depiction of the original homestead of the Redus family,” says Mary Ruth Allison of the Redus family. Continue reading “The descendants of John and Sallie McLemore Redus”

Glimpse….Shaon Chohlis, DHS ’89

Recalling his high school days, Shaon Chohlis admits that some of his teachers were probably glad to see him graduate, especially Ag teachers Travis Byrom and Phil McAnelly. Calling those particular teachers “Partner,” driving his dad’s van on the school sidewalk, and doing burnouts in the Ag truck in the school parking lot are some of the antics Continue reading “Glimpse….Shaon Chohlis, DHS ’89”