Korrion and Shayne

Meet Korrion and Shayne

Korrion is a smart, energetic, and creative eight year old girl.  Korrion enjoys listening to music, coloring, and doing arts and crafts.

Some of Korrion’s favorite things to play are dolls, “I Spy,” and anything outdoors, such as riding her bike.  She also likes to get creative with Play-Doh and by coloring & drawing for peers. Korrion has been known to give her personal items to peers to show her appreciation towards them. Korrion shows great attention to detail and is very inquisitive and willing to learn new things.  Korrion is athletic and enjoys physical activities.

Shayne is an adorable, happy and talkative little boy. He is so easy to get along with.  Everyone who meets Shayne falls in love with him.  Shayne enjoys sports including football and basketball.  His favorite football team is the Denver Broncos.  Shayne hopes to one day play football in high school.

Korrion and Shayne would do best in a two parent home with a young and active couple.

If you are interested in adopting Korrion and Shayne. Please contact Jessica Maniglia, Region 11 TARE Coordinator, by email at jessica.maniglia@dfps.state.tx.us