Local city issues warning, says get ready for storm


Get Ready South Texas with hurricane emergency kit

Residents please do your best to put together a hurricane emergency kit that includes: flashlight, batteries, cash, first-aid kit, shoes, non-perishable food, can opener, gallons of water, special needs for babies, elderly and pets, any important prescription medications and a battery powered radio for any emergency updates. Continue reading “Local city issues warning, says get ready for storm”

Medina Electric -Outage Map links

Photo by Medina Electric Coop. Read below for info about how you can report your outages. Click here for outage map: https://ebill.medinaec.org/woViewer/mapviewer.html?config=Outage+Web+Map


Preparations are well underway for the impending landfall of Tropical Storm Harvey on the Texas coast. At this time, it appears that the storm will impact much of Medina EC’s service territory. Crews have been mobilized and plans are in place for storm response.


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Devine City Council forms Parks Advisory Board, postpones action on pool

The new Parks Advisory Board will study the financial costs of reopening a public pool before making a recommendation to the Devine City Council.

A Parks Advisory Board was approved and a decision on reclaiming the former public pool from the Devine Swim Club, Inc. was postponed at the Regular meeting of the Devine City Council last Tuesday, August 15.
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Devine to discuss “taking back the Swimming Pool” soon

AUGUST 11–Story updated at 6:07 pm–The City of Devine will discuss a variety of issues at their upcoming meeting, and perhaps the hottest topic will be a discussion about reopening the swimming pool. In an interview today, Fred Morales has verified that he and the other owners of the pool are ready and willing to give the pool to the city if they are willing to re-open it as a public pool. Continue reading “Devine to discuss “taking back the Swimming Pool” soon”